How Does Solid Cologne Work?

Cologne is a fragrance made from essential oils and alcohol. It started its journey back in the 18th century. From there, it has been used and re-created extensively. Today cologne is made in several unique ways with different exotic essential oils and ingredients.

This article will discuss a lesser-known, solid cologne. Solid colognes are not like usual liquid ones. They are made from natural wax. They are applied to the skin like lotions. You massage the cologne.

How Does Solid Cologne Work?

Solid colognes are perfumes in solid state. We all know that by now. The creamy base that is found in solid colognes is from wax. Solid colognes are made from natural wax such as shea butter, beeswax. The texture of solid colognes is semi-liquid or gelatinous.

The wax acts as the channel for the fragrance. They are first melted and mixed with a strong scent or a mixture of scents. The resin retains the aroma within itself. It can be compared with balms.

They need to be applied to the skin, preferably the pulse points. The application process is no rocket science. you need to apply like you apply any kind of balm.

How to apply solid cologne?

How to apply solid cologne

Solid colognes are not a new concept. They have been in the fragrance for a long time, not in a widespread manner. This is why a lot of people are not familiar with this. We are going to write how to apply solid colognes in easy steps.

  1. Take the cologne in your hand
    The first step is obvious, but we will write about it to complete every aspect. So, take the solid cologne in your hand and open it.
  2. Less is more
    After opening the cologne, there is just one thing to do – Apply. Many people take a bulk amount and apply. However, the rule is the same with the other liquid or any other fragrance. You need to use an optimal amount. The scent stays according to your applying techniques.
  3. Apply to wrists
    The wrist is a favorite place to apply any type of fragrance. Swirl your finger in the cologne tin or bottle and gently rub it in both of your wrists. Applying on the wrist will help you make good impressions in your everyday works like shaking hands with people, picking up things and other works.
  4. Move to the Forearm
    After applying both the wrists, you can move to the forearm. The application is the same, just gently rub the cologne in. you can apply in other regions too like the pulse points. If you have research about fragrances even a little bit, you know what pulse points are.
  5. Apply in the neck region
    The neck is another reliable place for applying the cologne. If you apply the solid cologne in the neck, it will retain the scent for a long time. Since the solid colognes are more concentrated, they won’t evaporate quickly.
  6. Apply in pulse points
    You can apply the solid cologne in the pulse points. If you have researched fragrances for even a little, you may know about the importance of pulse points. The pulse points retain the scent longer since they are warmer regions. The pulse points are wrist, neck, elbow, behind the ears, behind the knees. After these steps, there is nothing to do rather than reapply when necessary. Applying solid colognes is very easy. Just know the right places and avoid overapplying. We have divided the application in 6 easy steps where we have provided knowledge on the various points of the body where scent will retain longer.

Why should you consider solid cologne?

Why should you consider solid cologne

Solid colognes are becoming quite the trend now. Though the availability is less compared to other perfume types, they are coming to shape. A lot of great companies are launching newer fragrances. Solid colognes will take over the market as the rest of the scents very soon.

Now you might wonder why solid colognes are getting so popular. We have cited some reasons why you should consider solid cologne.

Solid colognes are incredibly lightweight owing to their small size and manufacturing. So, these solid colognes will become your travel buddy. They do need any extra maintenance. You can put them in any corner of your purse or pocket.

Most of the perfume bottles are made of glass and are incredibly fancy. So they cannot be carried anywhere. From that point of view, the solid colognes are a win.

Solid cologne has made considerable success in the male grooming industry. The reason is their subtle scent. For instance, in a workplace, a sudden waft of scent can draw attention.

They can make you seem unprofessional, or the person gets awkward. The subtlety of solid cologne is positively received among the men.

Solid colognes are solid and concentrated liquids in a metal tin. So they do not leak its material inside. They are durable. You can take them in any bag without having to worry about the spill.

Solid colognes are very easy to use. You need to gently massage pulse points. Do not apply on the cloths. Since it is not that common, people do not know much about it. That is why it looks complicated. Otherwise, it’s as easy as squeezing lemons.

Gentle to the skin
Solid colognes are gentle to the skin, unlike aftershaves. Aftershaves have a high percentage of alcohol in them, so they dry out the skin.

Solid colognes use natural ingredients which moisturize the skin properly. They keep the skin fresh without causing any harm to them.

The solid cologne is affordable. They cost half of what the signature cologne cost, and we know price is a great attraction for any product.

This price is getting a lot of users to its side. Moreover, they are more dense and concentrated than regular colognes with low prices.

Types of Solid Cologne

Types of Solid Cologne

Like most of the perfumes, solid cologne is also divided in between the line of natural and synthetic. Here we will discuss a little bit about both of them.

As you can guess from the name, The natural solid colognes are made from natural ingredients like Shea butter, fruit oils, beeswax. The natural ingredients are what dominate the cologne. We all have a thing for natural ingredients, and they act as a good selling point.

However, the scent of the natural ingredients alters the designer’s choice. The synthetic solid colognes are made in labs by a chemist. The use of synthetic wax or oil is seen in them.

They ensure a longer lasting fragrance. The synthetic resin is entirely odorless. So, the designer’s scent is not altered at all.

Are Solid Colognes Better Than Liquid Colognes?

Are Solid Colognes Better Than Liquid Colognes

There is a debate between solid colognes and liquid colognes – which one is better? The solid cologne is exceptionally concentrated. You can apply directly to the skin, so they blend in so they last longer.

Liquid colognes, on the contrary, evaporate quickly. They don’t blend in with the skin. Solid colognes remain blend in with the skin and evolve throughout the day.

However, solid colognes are not manufactured as much as liquid ones. There is not much variety in the scents of the solid colognes. Colognes are not a new concept. Egyptians wildly used them.

However, in the current market, they have reemerged as an alternate version of the liquid version. They cost less than liquid colognes, and they are much more concentrated; their lack of diverse flavors and quantity stands as a problem.

It is just a temporary problem because more and more companies are manufacturing solid colognes. So they will compete with their unique and diverse scent within a few years.

The choice between solid colognes and liquid colognes are completely based on personal preferences. so, we cannot make any direct judgement about it. We have listed the pros and cons of both types of colognes so you can make an uninformed decision.

Best Solid Colognes

We have looked into various categories and selected three best solid colognes out there. They are made from a blend of different exotic ingredients and essential oils.

1) Duke Cannon: The Duke Cannon is a made understanding of the needs of men. It has a rich and woody scent. It is made inspired by the rackhouse at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Men find this sect quite appealing as it is subtle and masculine. There are many options in the Duke Cannon solid cologne.

2) Cremo Solid Cologne Pocket: Cremo Solid Cologne is made with a blend of essential ingredients and oils. The different levels of the notes give us a unique fragrance.

The ingredients include a citrus notes blend and amber musk. The solid cologne is concentrated and provides a long lasting unique fragrance. They come in a durable and TSA-friendly metal tin.

3) Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne: This is one of the most masculine fragrances in the market. It reminds me of an old leather jacket with a hint of gunpowder, sandalwood and sagebrush.

The ingredients include beeswax, Cocoa butter, Grapeseed, Rosemary Seed extract, Fragrance oil. It can be the perfect gift for your man.

These three colognes offer a unique scent. This interpretation of colognes is easy to apply and they have appealed to men as a choice of fragrance. Do check these three out.


Solid colognes can be termed as those upcoming products which we see have immense potential. The next few years will see a vast rise in production as great companies are coming for it.

We can see how it is widely accepted in the male grooming industry. We think within a few years, they will take their place in the female section too.

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