Top 10 Best Atelier Cologne

Wow!! She’s smelling like a queen of roses. What macho scents he used to wear, seriously, he had unique choices.

These eavesdropping compliments may ensure you that you’re wearing something special, like Cologne.

I remember my college days; I had a strong passion for looking for the perfect citrus-based fragrance.

Surprisingly, I found atelier colognes with offerings and smells quite interesting. I’ve tried all the collections of colognes such as orange sanguine, pacific lime, Grand Neroli, and Oolong Infini.

I know there’s a massive fan of atelier cologne, especially their summer scents, which are solid and fresh.

But finding a suitable Cologne for you is quite difficult, that’s why I’ve attached below 8 best atelier cologne with their reviews and many more.

So that you can make your choices within a short time, let us get started.

Best Smelling Atelier Cologne

Before diving into the broad discussion about Cologne, let me discuss their highlighted features and ratings so that you can make your mind within a few seconds after reading out the table.

Image Product Details   Rating Price
backpac Atelier cologne orange sanguine – Made by 91% natural ingredients

– Best for everyday use
4.6 Check Price
backpac Atelier cologne rose anonyme – Suitable for all skin types

– Long-lasting fragrance
4.2 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum – Made by 91% natural ingredients

– Best for everyday use
4.6 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Absolue -Great projection

-Moderate longevity
4.0 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne love osmanthus – Easy to wear

– Suitable for both women and men
5 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne Lemon Island – It’s nice and gentle

– Best Fit
for daytime in spring and summer.
4.1 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne Clementine California – Its unique crisp and fruity

– Smell delicious
4.6 Check Price
backpac Atelier Cologne vanilla insens̩e РBest for enjoying it in fall and winter

– It is pleasant and non-gourmand
4.4 Check Price
backpac Mimosa Indigo – This is for fall, winter and summer also.

4.6 Check Price
backpac Silver Iris Cologne Absolue – It is suitable for every situation. 4.7 Check Price

How Do You Find the best atelier cologne scent?

If buying the best atelier perfume is your call, then you should need to consider some criteria. Please check the below.

Prefer The Notes

People usually love Cologne for its beautiful notes. First, we always prefer you to buy a perfume with your favorite Cologne for its notation. Most men & women like to be surprised by the new fragrances.

But it is obvious to know about the notes before purchasing any perfume, not only the Cologne.

Notes are the root of every perfume, and the manufacturer reveals them in three layers. These are top, heart, and base. Top notes are the strongest part among them.

But it will vanish too soon and make way for others. Heart notes are the bridge between the two. The most prominent among them are base notes. You’ll find the longevity of these notes and flavor in the packaging.

I usually love to wear floral, woody but not oud fragrances if you want to know about my favorite. I wouldn’t prefer oud cologne, which was too heady.

I also like spicy and earthy flavors. Recently, Cologne has launched too many perfumes with the different flavors of many notes. Again, atelier perfumes have a story at the back of each bottle.

By far, I feel they’d made romance come alive in a bottle. So, I prefer the note first before buying any atelier cologne.

Test On Your Skin

If you’re buying Cologne from the Mall, you need to spray it on your wrist or skin. You can also test it on your shirt or clothing in the Mall for at least 1-2hours before buying. By this, you can come to know about Cologne better once it settles on your skin and clothes.

You can email the brand and ask for testers if you’re buying them online. For deep research and inquiry, you can observe the reviews from fragrantica, amazons, and eBay.


Some people wear perfume to smell good all day long. Again, some wear it occasionally for about 3-4 hours. For example, I would like to insist that my cousin is a corporate officer who lives in Paris; he usually loves to buy the fragrance, which lasts about 8-10 hours.

Of course, you should buy the Cologne, which will give you better longevity in contrast to others.

Inquiry of The Scent Families & Seasonality

You should know about what type of scent families you want to draw from. Are you searching for something new for colder and warmer months? We will suggest you pick something heavier.

It can be a fall scent or winter fragments like Oriental & Woody. It will be best to give prior herbal, floral, green, and citrus scents for summer or warmer days.

Below are some basic family fragments for your regards so that you may find a suitable fit with your weather wardrobe.

Oriental- Oriental is too problematic, but that’s still in terms of use. Some people like to summon woody and floral, but it usually includes amber, vanilla, musk, and various spices.

Woody- Wood doesn’t refer to the unbarred objects; here, you’ll find the texture of forest and earthiness. Patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, moss, vetiver are some of them.

Green- Green is the opposite of something fresh and pure, for instance, a sprawling field of grasses.

Herbal & Floral- is made with aromatic lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, etc., while you will commonly found Floral in top and heart notes. For example, rose, rose water, ylang-ylang, and lilies.

Citrus- Bitter orange, neroli, and also grapefruit are the top notes of Cologne.

Water- It’s a unique humid night fragment before the sky which cracks with rain.

Fruity- Fresh peaches, wild berries are the essence of fruit among the top cologne scents.

Asking The Experience People for Clue

Once you are confused about finding the right atelier cologne, one of the best ways is to ask another experienced guy about what they like most and why.

You may think about what it needs. Well, it will help you to gain some idea why they like the brands particularly. Or you may know that they’ll tell you that they tried a bunch of other scents.

And finally, they decided to grab Cologne. It will help you to figure out the suitable scents for you confidently.

The 8 Bestseller atelier cologne

#1 – Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine – Best For All Skin Types

Best perfume all time

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine -Best For All Skin Types
A bright orange scent with light floral notes.[Photo Credit: Amazon]

This fantastic perfume was first launched in 2011. It is a perfect product regardless of men and women; it gained 4.18 ratings out of 5. Seriously, you would admire how realistic it is.

Atelier cologne is the best suitable to wear during summer and also the cold weather. With its blood Orange fragrance, you’ve smelt it all day long.

We must say it’s the best-suited product for your evening dates or parties. The longevity and silage are so mild that anyone can smell you.

It will last for 4-5 hours in your skin, and you need to re-spray it after 30-minutes for clothes.

The dry down will last a decent amount. About 5-6 hours, the projection is never that loud. So overall, it’s more than from up-close scents. The price rating is 54%.

Top Notes-
• blood orange
• Bitter orange

Middle Notes-
• Geranium
• Jasmine

Base Notes-
• Sandalwood
• Amber
• Tonka Bean

Why WE Select It –
• 5-6 Hours longevity Its
• Moderate silage
• Perfect for a hot summer day
• Top notes are mind-blowing
• Super realistic
• It is a little overpriced.
• But one thing we don’t like about it’s not lasting longer than 5 hours.

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#2 – Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum, Ambre Nue Review

Best perfume flavours

Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum, Ambre Nue Review
it’s a fruity floral scent.[Photo Credit: Amazon]

Atelier cologne is the best-suited perfume for both men and women. Especially for those who’re addicted to scents. It is a light and fresh, also sparkling scent. In fact, this one is an almost effervescent amber fragrance.

The scent is quite delicate and flavorful, was made and launched in 2012. It has reasonable projections and can last quite some time on your skin.

If you’re a simple and fruity-floral type person and looking for something unique and experimental, then you should go for this.

The overall rating of this perfume is 3.66 out of 5. And the price rating is 3/10. It will last both your clothes and skin for 3-5hours.

Top Notes-
• Mandarin Orange,
• Tagetes and
• Bergamot.

Middle Notes-
• Benzoin,
• Cinnamon and
• Orchid.

Base Notes-
• French labdanum,
• Tonka Bean and
• Patchouli.

Why We Like It-
• Perfect for autumn days
• The scents last all day long
• An opening will make others crazy
• Super comforting
• The scents are very sweet & super bendy
• heavy silage
• Not suitable for everyone.

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#3 – Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum

Best casual use perfume

Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum, Rose Anonyme Review
A amber floral fragrnace.[Photo credit:Amazon]

Atelier cologne is excellent to use for casual, especially it’s rose anonyme. It is mainly an amber floral fragrance for both men and women.

It was launched in 2012. If you usually enjoy rose, then you’ll love this Cologne so much.

I have fallen in love with rose, incense, woodiness, but a sort of menthol coolness underpins the whole composition. It stays on your skin for more than 8-9 hours.

The perfume lasts forever on your clothes. Overall, this rosy beast had owned the projection of the medium.

Again, the scent has changed from an utterly smoky rose. You’ll get intense oud and patchouli rose petals with a 5/10 price range. This 30ml full bottle is perfect for regular use.

Top notes –
• Turkish rose
• Agarwood

Middle notes-
• Indonesian patchouli leaf
• Papyrus

Base notes-
• Somalian opoponax
• Benzoin ginger
• Calabrian bergamot

Why We Like This-
• Moderate silage
• Longevity is more than 6 hours+.
• Smells good
• A bit spicy and property
• Suitable for autumn and winter
• Very tiny.
• Sometimes it smells bitter.

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#4 – Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Absolue

Best cologne for teenagers

Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Absolue Review
It’s a bright citrus floral fragrance. [Photo credit:Amazon]

Pacific lime is the best atelier cologne for him to gift at all. It is a citrus fragrance for both men and women. The nose behind this perfume is Jerome Eppinette.

The latest version of this perfume was launched in 2018. This is awful with the combination of various notes. You will love the scents of citrus, coconut, and fruity blast.

It’s a perfect body deodorant for teenagers, spread lightly after 45 minutes. The projection is moderate, as the rose Anonyme, and brings you to the vacation mood.

These scents beat you and are perfect wear for summer hang out. It lasted more than 6 hours in both cloth and your skin. The price rating is 5/10, and the perfume rating is 4.12/5; it’s quite similar to the other brands of Cologne.

Top Notes-
• Citrus
• Aromatic
• Coconut

Middle Notes-
• Sweet
• Fresh spicy

Base Notes-
• Woody

Why We Select This-
• Smells good on a hot summer day.
• It’s a well-balanced perfume.
• Lasting about 10-hours in total.
• It is so refreshing.
• Great for teenagers.
• After 6 hours, everything was swept away.
• Poor longevity and silage.

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#5 – Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue

Best cologne for gift

Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue Reviews
combination of Chinese and Italian flavor. [Photo credit: Amazon]

This perfume is from China, consists of the osmanthus flower of China, while lemon is from italic brightness and warmth. No doubt, Atelier osmanthus cologne is a combination of both Chinese and Italian flavors.

This 3.98 ounce is suitable for both men and women. This bright citrus floral is good to use during summer and spring. Again, this love fragment was launched in 2019.

After 6+ hours, all the fragments moderately convert into strong wood scents. But the skin scent after 2-hours on you, with occasional pleasant wafts.

This silky beast didn’t have a long projection, with low silage and longevity. But you can wear them occasionally. It has 3.77 ratings out of 5, and the price rating is moderate and ok to afford.

Top Notes:
• Italian lemon

Middle Notes:
• Chinese Osmanthus

Base Notes:
• Cedar

Why We Like It-
• Left an immediate impression.
• Good for summer.
• Lasts more than 4-hours.
• Very natural.
• Less from chemicals.
• Poor longevity.
• There’s less use of osmanthus as they claim.

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#6 – Atelier Cologne Absolue Lemon Island

Best everyday perfumes that last

Atelier Cologne Absolue Lemon Island Re
A lemon and jasmine combination perfume. [Photo credit: Amazon]

Lemon island is a bit different from other Cologne. This is overall a new fragrance. The lemonish combination with jasmine is unique and makes you feel that you’re bathing with a fruity shower gel.

The opening of this perfume is very zesty, brighter, and bitter lemon.
The initial projection of this perfume is between moderate and intimate.

But make sure that you’ve sprayed at least 8-10 times on your clothes, as it has such a mild and soft fragrance.

This lemonish Sweetwater takes 10-15 minutes to spread correctly on your skin. Again, lemonade and sweetish muguet/ lily of the valley/ blue ball type fragments remind you about Easter.

It would work great in spring. Unfortunately, it has owned 3.19 ratings out of 5 with 31% overpriced price ratings.

Top Notes –
• lemon

Middle Notes-
• Indian jasmine

Base Notes-
• Madagascar vanilla

Why We Like It-
• Great Men’s Cologne.
• Moderate longevity
• It’s quite nice and fresh
• It gives you subtle beach vibes.
• Open with a splash of soft and creamy lemon.
• After 30-minutes, it gets powdery.
• Sometimes it smells like seaweed, even if it doesn’t contain any salt at all.

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#7 – Atelier Cologne Clémentine California Absolue Pure Perfume

Best popular perfume

Atelier Cologne Clémentine California Absolue Pure Perfume Reviews
Special Mandarin Orange Perfume.[Photo credit: Aamazon]

It brings a smile to your face with an uncomplicated clementine. You could never imagine owning a whole bottle for as long as it benefits you.

Many users insist it is a photorealistic representation of clementine. There you find a sweet, juicy and wanna eat some of them. It’s great to use both official and casual.

Miraculously, you stay in your clothes for around 10-12hours. But one thing you may regret is that the fragments won’t stay able on your skin for more than 2-3 hours. It’s proper to use during the daytime in summer.

Again, the scents project decently for an hour or two. The fragments are unisex from AC lean masculine, a simple but very uplifting citrus scent. The price rating is 72% out of 100.

Top Notes-
• Clementine,
• Mandarin Orange and
• juniper berry

Middle Notes-
• Basil,
• Star Anise and
• Pepper.

Base Notes-
• Cypress,
• Haitian Vetiver and
• Sandalwood.

Why We Like It-
• Moderate longevity.
• Both intimate & moderate silage.
• It’s very vibrant and realistic.
• Smells like vibrant aqua allegoria mandarine basilic.
• It lingers for a long time.

• The smells fade after the second year.
• The scents dried down are too sour and bitter.

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Fragrance expert review Atelier Cologne Clémentine:

#8 – Atelier Cologne Absolue

Best cologne for young women

atelier cologne vanille insensée
it’s an ultimate silky vanilla perfume. [Photo credit: Amazon]

This fresh and elegant fragrance is delicious and delightful to treat the senses. It has been allowed to age steadily, making the experience dull.

The fragrance is purely manufactured for women but also goes for the masculine gender. By using these fragments, you’ll get a ton of compliments on it every time.

Again, this ultimate silky vanilla incense was launched in 2011. The nose behind this vanilla incense is Ralf Schwinger. You could gush about these fragments all day, as it is very dependent on body chemistry.

The silage is very low (nose-to-skin) from initial sprays.
The longevity is very poor as it smells after 2-3 hours. Most of the users like to wear it for important occasions.

And it’s suitable to use almost all-weather, but incredibly in cold weather. The scent never gets heavy or cloying.

The most impressive parts of these fragments last for about 3 days. It has gained 3.88 out of 5, which is a bit overpriced.

Top Notes-
• Lime,
• Citron and
• Coriander.

Middle Notes-
• Vetiver,
• Oakmoss and
• Jasmine.

Base Notes-
• Vanille,
• Oak and
• Amber.

Why We like It-
• Suitable to use both in fall and winter.
• It’s a nice, easy-to-wear scent.
• It smells like very high-end vanilla scents.
• Longevity for 6-8 hours with moderate silage.
• Better fit for switching to any outfit.
• It’s not comforting.
• These fragments aren’t too well-blended and sophisticated.

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#9 – Mimosa Indigo

Best for Special Occasion

Mimosa Indigo
An orange blossom cologne. [Photo credit: Amazon]

Mimosa Indigo is the most popular mimosa in world. It has a rich, sweet aroma and brings out an enchanting color of lavender when it’s blended with orange blossom water. When used as a toner or eye makeup remover, mimosa leaves skin looking bright and radiant after cleansing. The best part about mimosa indigo is that it’s also used to make perfumes, so you can use this as your perfume base too!

#10 – Silver Iris Cologne Absolue

Best perfume for girl

 Silver Iris Cologne Absolue
It’s an antibacterial perfume.[Photo credit: Amazon]

Iris is a scent that makes the wearer appear more attractive and seductive. The iris perfume was created by perfumer Ernest Beaux, who developed it in the early 1930s for “the most beautiful woman in Paris”. Iris is an alluring scent of exotic iris flowers. It possesses a light floral note which combines with a base of amber to create an airy fragrance that floats on top of a skin-like mist. The iris flower has been used as medicine since ancient times and contains compounds such as vitamin A (vitamin E), essential oils, antioxidants, and other active ingredients which can protect from free radicals produced by pollution or sunlight exposure. It also has antibacterial properties.

FAQ’s About Atelier Cologne

Where can I find atelier cologne?

The right perfume can make you look good and smell more attractive. To help you make the most of the shopping sessions, here we assist some online best atelier cologne shopping hauls. You can check it for a while.
• Fragrancex
• Yves Rocher
• Perfume Emporium
• Ga-De Cosmetics
• Perfumania
• The Perfume Spot
• The Detox Market
• Filthy Fragrance
• Love Scent
• Amazon
You can also buy some discounted perfumes at duty-free shops in the airport.

What does atelier Cologne Azur smell like?

Atelier cologne Azur smells earthy and spiteful. Azur is the ultimate brand of atelier cologne. The fragrance consists of American cedar wood with a combination of lemon perfume from Italy and Indian papyrus.

These innovative ingredients will evoke the feeling of a warm wood cabin during a cold December morning. Again, these flavorful earthy, spicy perfumes are best suited for both men and women.

Why is atelier cologne so expensive?

Undoubtedly, atelier cologne is more expensive than other brands. There are some possible legitimate reasons too. It’s pretty tricky to explain in words the facts as to why they’re more costly.

The possible reasons may rely on processing the flowers and converting them into a concentrated clear liquid, combining them into alcohol, packaging, and supplies.

There’s even more to it than that. Does this didn’t sound ethical and worth some money from you? In your regard, you can choose the perfume from other brands if your pocket won’t support you.

Where is Atelier Cologne from?

The concentration made atelier cologne of a wide range of natural ingredients. This cool flavor scent adventure began in New York.

But the story begins with the chemistry of two people. Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervase.

They combined Atelier Cologne and re-founded it in 2009. Sylvie and Christophe then added new noses to this brand-new perfume industry.

For that reason, we got a lot of collections of colognes frequently.

So, Which Atelier Fragrances You should Pick

Cologne preferences depend on personal choice. But the answer is relatively easy because the more you invest, the more delicious scents you’ll get from Cologne. Besides this, we suggest you pick the orange sanguine.

Because it lasts about 5-6 hours and the top notes are mind-blowing to smells. I prefer this fragrance for its super ratings and costs.

However, if you don’t like my suggestions, you should buy something that bears more longevity and silage. But most of the women folk love the rose Anonyme like me as they lasted more than 8-9hours on your skin.

After All, roses are the king of flowers and smell good when you’re using them as a fragrance.

Again, men are too affectionate about the lemon island for its introductory notes and performances. This sometimes sounds like many men, many choices.

So, do more research from all the best atelier cologne and choose the worthy one for you.


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