Nautica classic VS Nautica Blue – Which Should Be Your Best Call?

Blue is a combination of the two significant colors of nature, such as ocean and sky blue. It has reigned over the world since 2,200B. C. The ancient Egyptians first invented the color blue to create a permanent pigment in their decorative arts.

Comparatively, men are pretty similar to their nature, like blue. Their smell manifests their artistic nature. In today’s blog post, we will compare the two ultimate blue Cologne, named Nautica classic and Nautica blue.

Since these perfumes are very cheap compared to the other brands in the market, people have fallen in love with them distinctly.

So, read through these ultimate battle scripts between Nautica classic VS Nautica blue to inquire which one comes out on top.

Common Analogy of Nautica Classic VS Nautica Blue

There are some differences among the features of Nautica classic and Nautica blue. Firstly, let’s see the comparison between their features.

CharacteristicsNautica ClassicNautica Blue
Perfume Ratings (Amazon)14,3014234
Launching Date19922005
SuitabilitySpring, summerWinter & cool weather
Longevity2-3 hours2-hours minimum
Price RangeAffordableCostly
IngredientsSd Alcohol 39-C, Benzophenone-2, Water, FragranceAqua/Water/EAU, Perfume/Fragrance, Acetylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate

Features Comparison Of Nautica Classic Vs. Nautica Blue

Nautica Classic Vs. Nautica Blue

Both Nautica classic and blue are dissimilar from each other. Nautica classics are best for vintage scents. If you’re a fan of this, this fragment will be on the top list of the choices. It is an excellent example of 90th-century pupils because of their valerian scents and delightful blast.

On the other hand, Nautica blue is the ultimate drop of freshness. On the contrary, both fragments are different in their consistency and viability. Nautica classics have more experiences than blue, no doubt. For example, below, we discovered some basic features in comparison.

Smells & Scents

The first things we check when looking for the best Cologne for wearing. Smells and scents refer to the fragments of Cologne with the three introductory notes, likewise basic, heart, and top notes.

When you have fresh and cleared fragments in one bottle, it means you’re going to love the fragrance at first sight.

Hence, top notes are vital to fragments because many ingredients and scents of things are involved here. Without it, wearing perfume will seem meaningless.

You’ll find plenty of ingredients on their top notes when you see the Nautica classic cologne, such as Aldehydes, Lime, Bergamot, Lemon, Tarragon, Cypress Clary Sage Neroli, Coriander, and Cinnamon. Although these are rich in scents, people often dislike the fragments for the 90s vibe, floral and mild.

On the other hand, Nautica blue contains peach, pineapples, bergamot. Men prefer these scents for the urban vibes and fresh aquatic flavors.

Lastings (Both Cloth & Skin)

Like all deodorants, Nautica cologne also has longevity. Here, longevity is counted by the scents’ stability on your skin and the cloth inside. We usually like to check the longevity before buying a perfume.

You will find them with the specifications. It is essential to check, as you do not want to wear a perfume with less longevity. In that case, classic Cologne doesn’t last more than one-two hour. It takes a few times to spread after spraying. Unfortunately, it isn’t good for their longevity, as you need to re-apply this second time.

In contrast, blue body spray has slightly better longevity than the classics. The perfume lifetime ensures this won’t fade away soon. And it lasts up to 2-4 hours and smells great after the first applying. In the matter of longevity, blue fragments are the winner as they become better after 20-30 seconds.

Projection Of Both Brands

Nautica classic VS Nautica Blue

If you want to buy any scents, you may like the long projection on them. Both of the customized brands are pretty similar to each other. There’s no single change between them. In the famous perfume reviews sites, Fragrantica has won too many reviews against both of them.

Some users tell me about the Nautica classic Eau de toilette spray that I’ve got the essential early 19th-century masculine vibe with this.

It took about 7-8 hours with 4-5 sprays and about arm’s length projection for the first 3-4 hours. 9.99 dollars was worth it for a 3.4oz bottle, and I still feel like they’ve got me on the price.

Again, another Nautica blue review and user asserted that this is great for the summer or any time of year. I like its longevity and projection. They rated the projection 82/100, overall 83/100.
So, here Nautica blue cologne is a winner.


If you’re used to wearing any perfume with heavy and bulky sillage, this will not be in your favor. Both of the brands have decent sillage compared to their price.

Nautica classic requires moderate sillage, and you can smell it from 2-3 miles away. It is better than the soft sillage which you get from blue.


Both of these brands prefer moderate versatility. Like other heavy sillage and high-end versatility, these scents aren’t suitable to wear during occasions and official ceremonies. None of these gives you minimum coverage for casual, official engagements.

However, both Nautica classic and blue men’s Cologne are perfect for wearing during hot and sunny days. Because most of us like to smell good and fresh while maintaining a tight schedule in the office, gyms, hang out, etc.

Besides the smell, the Nautica voyage bottle is alone enough to impress the surrounding people. And 3.4 oz body spray doesn’t cost you high but is worth everything.

In versatility, both of these men’s Cologne isn’t dissimilar from each other. Nautica cologne has already held its pride all over the world for its unique innovations and discoveries.


Which Should Be On Your Top List? Now it’s time to decide the winner among these super deep ocean toilette vaporisateur. First, according to their reviews, Nautica blue is the winner for its longevity and sillage.

Both Nautica classic vs. Nautica blue feature citrus flavors and aquatic ingredients inside the blue. Again, both have similar sillage and price, which make it quite confusing to choose the best one.

But as we mentioned before, perfume should have contained long sillage and taller longevity, which is a must for some menfolk. So at that point, we think nautical blue should be your priority as a confident and brave guy.

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