7 Reason Why Do Guys Wear Cologne To Work

Fragrances are an emotion. They can take you on a journey of memories of someone special. Some workplaces have organized scent-free offices or workstations to ensure more productivity. This highlights the importance of wearing fragrances in workplaces.

This article will enlighten you on the matter of why guys wear Cologne to work. Men do spend money on fragrances, contrary to popular opinion. They do it to smell fresh and suitable, or maybe to appear more masculine. By the end of this article, you will know all about it.

Should a man wear Cologne to work?

Should a man wear Cologne to work?

There is a reason why companies make expensive colognes for men because they do end up in the wardrobes of several men. It is entirely appropriate for men to wear Cologne in the workplace.

However, it needs to be subtle as you are going to a workplace. Fragrance companies create work-friendly colognes. They have a pleasant aroma, but they are not too overpowering.

Classic woody colognes would be a good choice in this regard. They express a sense of masculinity by going over the top with other notes.

7 Reasons why do guys wear Cologne to work

why do guys wear Cologne to work

Here we have stated five reasons why you should wear Cologne in your workplace.

  • Good impression

You can always make a great impression with your choice of fragrance. When you enter a room, the subtle smell of freshness that your Cologne will bring will not be a bad idea. It will add a positive to your side.

You can impress your clients and co-workers by smelling fresh and it’s not just the smell that colognes help with. Some ingredients in Cologne help your brain to elevate the mood.

For instance, colognes with ingredients cinnamon, vanilla, bergamot, will induce your brain to be joyous. A jolly person makes a much better impression than someone who is always moody.

  • Personal signature

Men often do not believe in fragrances. However, they can add refinement to your whole look. They can bind it together. A scent can become your signature.

It’s not a bad idea to be the guy in the office who always smells good. Also, the colognes combat body odors, so it is a win-win situation in every case.

  • Confident

When you get a haircut or wear new clothes, you feel good. They bring out a positive side of yours that you have put effort into your care. A fragrance is one of such things.

A good cologne in the workplace will make you feel confident in the workplace. It will boost your productivity as you are feeling good about yourself.

Moreover, it will help you focus on your work more. When you are doing good at work, you are automatically confident. Try citrus colognes as they help the brain to focus. We all know our lack of focus is what makes us fall behind in our work.

  • Relax

When you are in a place that smells bad, do you like it? You find it hard to work in that environment. That is why you need a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Cologne can do that. When you put on Cologne, the refreshing smell from that keeps you relaxed all day.

It’s like an inhaling exercise that keeps you in a tranquil environment while all the office tensions flow. It is proven that lavender reduces anxiety and helps you relax.

  • Energy

Cologne can evoke the power to keep going. There is a scent that allows an optimistic atmosphere around you which helps you work relentlessly. If you are positive and calm, work becomes more rewarding.

Maybe it is a good cologne that you need to gap the bridge between you and the tagline of an employee of the month. Ascent has a powerful impact on your brain.

For particularly having a jolt, you should opt for colognes that have a coffee scent. See how your brain responds to it.

  • Creativity

Fragrances have the ability to set an innovative environment around. There are times when you can’t really focus on your work. Your mind doesn’t really belong anywhere. We are not saying a fragrance will solve that issue.

However, the fragrance can bring the mind where it belongs. It sets a peaceful yet creative mood for your ideas to start rolling.

  • Refresh

Cologne will keep you fresh all day at work. The fragrances have the inbuilt feature to keep your mind refreshed after all the hassles you have to deal with at work. It rejuvenates you and your mind so that you can enjoy the rest of the day.

How do Girls Feel about Gen Who Wear Cologne

How do Girls Feel about Gen Who Wear Cologne

A survey was conducted by mensjournal where 20 women were asked how they felt about men who wore Cologne. The response was mixed on the matter of Cologne. The 20 women expressed their feelings about men wearing Cologne, which was the highlight as the survey brought out feelings of different women.

All of the women from the survey preferred a man who smelled good. They liked men devoid of sweat and body odor. Most of the women from the survey gave a positive response to guys who wore mild fragrant colognes.

Some women did not like the idea of men wearing fragrances to the workplace at all. It was a mixed response, but a mild-flavoured cologne is appreciated by women more or less.

Should men Wear Cologne every day?

Fragrances are a personal choice. It is entirely up to the men if they want to use Cologne every day or not. If you like a pleasant smell around you all day, you can apply a small amount of the Cologne. Most of the colognes manufactured for men have a subtle scent as most men prefer that way.

You can spray those and smell lovely. If you want an intense smell, there is an option for that too. As I said, it’s a personal preference.

How to Apply Cologne for Lasting longer?

Now that we have established it is okay for men to apply Cologne, let us look at the techniques to make the colognes last longer. I mean, you don’t want the scent to evaporate in the middle of the workday, especially if you have a presentation in the afternoon.

  • Don’t overapply the Cologne, dab a tiny amount on the wrist and neck. These are the pulse points. They diffuse the scent and will keep them lingering for a long time.
  • Apply in your skin directly rather than clothes.
  • Apply directly after a shower. The pores remain open, and they retain the scent for long.

What does it mean when men start wearing Cologne?

Men usually don’t apply fragrances. There are many notions regarding men wearing Cologne. It is believed that when a man starts wearing Cologne, he is trying to make a statement about his sexuality.

There are much more assumptions about the colognes in various cultures that are made blatantly without much research.

However, none of this is true. When a man starts wearing Cologne, it’s just that he likes the scent, even if it is a strong one. Who doesn’t like smelling good in the workplace?

It creates positivity around which influences productivity too. So, when a man starts wearing Cologne, it means nothing rather than he likes the scent or taking care of himself and his hygiene.

Is Cologne inelegant?

Cologne for men has a lot of assumptions built around it. A lot of people ask the question if colognes are tacky. However, it solely depends on what Cologne you are talking about.

It depends on your personal preference. An item is only inelegant when you don’t know how to use it. We can compare the Cologne, men’s Cologne with jewellery. It is an elegant piece, but you must know how to wear it.

You can just be decked up in it from head to toe. Then it’s tacky. However, if you wear minimal jewellery matching your outfit, it’s alright. It’s classy. The same goes for Cologne.

Take an average and recommended amount according to your taste, and it’s perfect. So, to answer the question – no cologne is not inelegant if it is appropriately applied.

What type of cologne to choose for work?

What type of cologne to choose for work

We have already established that the colognes that you will wear to work should be subtle. Here we have discussed some of the scents you can explore in your work cologne collection.


There is a misconception that floral colognes are only for women. However, men can and should wear floral scents too. The warm and subtle floral scent is perfect for work. These floral scents, when mixed with other complementary scents, give a subtle tone to the office.

They provide a refreshing feeling which keeps you rejuvenated the entire day. You will do great in the workplace, too, since you are feeling great.


The green scents are fresh tones. They will keep you cheerful throughout the day. I mean, who doesn’t like to start the day in a refreshing and affirmative scent.


If you are someone who sweats a lot, then you should choose fruity scents. They will give a stable mood. You can choose any fragrance according to your preference.

Final Words

Men can wear Cologne. It doesn’t challenge their masculinity. A slight hint of freshness in the workplace is nothing unprofessional. Moreover, it is pleasant. It will help you be more focused and productive in the workplace. A man who smells pleasant is never disliked.

You will get an advantage over your co-workers and clients. Contrary to popular belief that fragrances are for women, men do enjoy a good scent. A lot of companies make great and unique scented colognes.

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