Amazing Grace Vs Pure Grace : Find Out The Best One


Philosophy is a renowned brand that aims at creating the best skincare products combining natural ingredients with science. All of its products are made with the best care, so you get the expected result that lasts for a long time.

Its two best creations, Amazing grace and Pure grace, are popular worldwide for their moisturizers, lotions, and toiletry scents that deeply cleanse and moisturize your body with great care.

These two may feel the same until you use them, but you will come to know the difference after use for a few days. Their difference lies in their intensity and the ingredients used to make them valuable.

But if you are new to using the brand and their products, then you might get confused between those two. But here, you will get to know every detail about these two ultimate skincare sets that bring your skin more charm and shine forever. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Amazing Grace

amazing grace

Amazing grace comes with a variety of skincare products like shower gel, moisturizer, and more. These all come with a signature floral fragrance along with a soothing feeling which is very different from any other one.

All its products are very firm and gentle to the body, so you see significant differences right after using them. Rarely have customers shifted to another one after using them.

It’s Products

In Amazing grace, you will get its

  • Shampoo, bath and shower gel,
  • Whipped body cream
  • Body spritz
  • Firming body emulsion
  • Perfume
  • Satin finish body oil mist
  • Dry shampoo
  • Body lotion
  • Fragrance rollerball etc.


Amazing grace has emphasized the natural ingredients to create an effective outcome, and the little chemicals they have used consist of harmless particles which have been tested in the lab before use.

How It Is Special

Basically, the flavor Amazing graze leaves a floral fragrance that is very lightly sweet but amazing and stays for a long time. Great to use for winter and autumn.

But more effective in summer and spring. It spreads a beautiful floral aroma that will dazzle you and the surroundings as well.

It blends very well with the body, so you feel the softness inside and outside. You won’t stop receiving compliments once you start using the products.

Its freshness will change your mood instantly and will leave you with a freshness for a whole day.

User’s Review

Amazing Grace is hugely loved by the users and they can’t even think of other options than this. Depending on their reviews it has got 4.8 out of 5. Some of their reviews are

  • ❝This scent feels heavenly❞.
  • ❝I love the fragrance and love its bundle pack❞

Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Pure grace products are meant to give a smooth and soft skin with a freshness and a pure feeling inside. The formulas it uses are very effective for skincare, and the freshness that appears right after the user takes your mind in a different direction.

All its products are mild but care deeply from the inside. For healthy glowing skin, these products are highly recommended.

It’s Products

In Pure Grace, you will find

  • Shampoo, bath and shower gel,
  • Perfume
  • Dry shampoo
  • Body lotion
  • Body spritz
  • Satin finishing body oil mist
  • Fragrance rollerball
  • Firming body emulsion
  • Whipped body cream
  • Shimmering body


The products have paired up nature with science where you get all the natural ingredients with a small amount of chemicals that are clinically tested and totally harmless for any body type.

How It Is Special

Instead of using solid floral fragrance, the products have used the smell of green leaf with a mild water lily fragrance. It leaves you with a soapy freshness that stays with you all day long.

All its products are to care for your skin with the best natural ingredients and leave your body smooth and glowy like a baby’s skin.

The best part of these products is that they all wear a very mild fragrance that never hurts your sensitive nose.

No matter how long you wear the product, it will pass the freshness and won’t be a reason for your headache.

User’s Review

Pure Grace is loved by users for its quality products and pure fragrance, which is very gentle and best for daily use. Considering the user’s reviews, Pure Grace has got 4.7 out of 5. Some of the reviews are

  • ❝I love this fresh scent.❞
  • ❝Using Pure Grace kits feel luxury.❞

Difference Between The Two At a Glance

Pure GraceAmazing Grace
It comes with a fresh, clean fragranceComes with a floral fragrance
It is soapy heavenlyIt is a clean floral type
It doesn’t last that longIt lasts long
It is light and gentleIt is a little heavy and firm
This is best for sensitive noseThis is best for those who love floral odor more
It is powderyIt isn’t powdery
This has a pure natural smellThis has a pure floral smell

Which One Is Best?

Amazing Grace and Pure Grace both are the best in their way. But if you have a sensitive nose, can’t bear the heavy smell, and want a light and natural fragrance to wear a whole day.

Then you must opt for Pure Grace as all its products are very gentle to the skin and come with a very pure clean odor which will bring you freshness all day long.

But if you are more into floral fragrance and love to wear the mild fragrant all day long, then nothing is better for you than Amazing Grace.

All its products are best for body care and leave you with a floral freshness that stays with you until the night falls.

Its smell is comparatively heavier but not that much to hurt your nose. That is why it is more popular among the users.

Final Verdict

Amazing Grace and Pure Grace are the two best inventions of philosophy that are widely popular among users more than anything else. All its products are clinically tested and have proven harmless so far.

So if you are bothered about buying one, read the article carefully and hopefully, you will get what you love.

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