How to Fix Cologne Spray Nozzles?

Ouch! Your cologne bottle slipped out of your hands? What about the nozzle? Broken?
It is unbearable for you to get your perfume spray nozzle broken.

Most people become delighted with their elegant cologne, which keeps them feeling green. But it would not be very pleasant when you discover that you are pushing down on the nozzle and nothing happens.

Now, what is on your mind? Just wanted to throw it out?

But, you cannot because you want to keep a recognizable part of your collection with this esteemed perfume. Then it will be an excellent idea to fix your nozzle back to functionality.

There are several ways to fix it which you can try.

Now let’s know how to fix the cologne spray nozzle, which will keep you smelling fresh all day. You know, sometimes perfume nozzles can be complicated, awkward, and unbelievably frustrating.

Reasons for the Nozzles Not-Working

Reasons for the Nozzles Not-Working

There can be mechanical faults inside the cologne spray nozzle for which it may not work. Again, you may use the bottle for a long while and drop it too many times. A common reason not to spray your nozzle again is that the resistance and pressure may be gone or sometimes cogged inside the button of spray or tube.

Some basic ways to fix the nozzle

Suppose you see that your perfume pump sprayer doesn’t spray, but you know that it’s still full. Now, what? Don’t worry, first; you should try to fix it.

Method 1
One simple way is to place your finger against the sprayer and press it down several times. Or you can turn the bottle upside down and try to spray it a few times.

How to Fix Cologne Spray Nozzles?

Method 2
Sometimes you may get the tube in the bottle to be the problem. It happens if something dried on or clogged inside the button in the spray opening.
Then you can simply follow some steps:

  • Remove the tip of the nozzle.
  • Take a little bit of alcohol and moisten the cotton ball with it.
  • Apply the alcohol to the inner top of the plastic tube for 10 to 15 seconds.
How to Fix Cologne Spray Nozzles

Now use a pin to clean the entrance of the tube and extract if there is any junk that exists inside the tube.

Method 3
If you cannot get anything to work, you may have another option.
You can try to pull the spray nozzle off to wash it. But if you can’t remove it, try to scrape the hole at least with a little sharp thing to let it flow freely once again. You may use your fingernail or a toothpick.

How to fix cologne spray nozzles

Now, hold the nozzle under hot running water for a minute, then try to spray. But if you see that it’s not working, then you may use a pin or a sewing needle to clean the hole and get dislodged, which blocks it. I think it will work.

Method 4
Yet, you may face numerous problems with your sprayer nozzle.
Even the metal ball can be stuck in the spring and cause the nozzle of the sprayer to be jammed. So how to fix a jammed nozzle. Here are some steps to guide you:

  • Try to remove the nozzle from the bottle with pliers. Do it gently and slowly, or the glass bottle would be damaged.
  • Now pull out the tube to expose the metal ball.
  • Then insert a sewing needle into the opening and try to adjust the stuck metal ball. If it is done, insert the tube back into the opening.
  • After that, fix the nozzle back. Now check if the unjammed nozzle is functioning or not.

Method 5
If you see that’s too much trouble, you may go through perfume spray nozzle replacement.
Then you can remove the entire nozzle structure with a wrench or pliers. But be careful while doing this. Each manufacturer made cologne bottles differently.

When your nozzle breaks, just check that there is an empty bottle from the previous one. If there, it will be wise to replace the nozzle from the old bottle.

Now check that it is working? If not, try with another nozzle of a finished perfume bottle. After replacing, maybe the bottle will not look as nice as before, but it will serve just fine.

However, if the nozzle is beyond repair, You can buy a new nozzle from some specialty cosmetic stores. But buy the right size and good quality one and replace.

Tips: Before throwing away your finished cologne bottles, you can keep the bottles as a few spare nozzles. It may help you to replace the top nozzle.

Method 6
Sometimes you will get that the plastic tube will not connect to the nozzle of the tip properly. In that case, tweezer is a helpful thing. You have to pull the plastic tube upward using it. Still, you may find the tip not to snap onto the plastic tube. Thus, you will get the tube placing too low in the bottle.
If the sprayer inside the tip is off or uneven, you can find your perfume not to spray.

Method 7
If nothing works, with a pair of pliers, you can get the top off. After that, pour it with a funnel and transfer it with a pipette over to an empty bottle of the previous one. Or you can pour the remaining scent into a small lovely glass bottle.

Perfume nozzle fell off?
The perfume nozzle tends to fell off sometimes. If you face such an issue, then what to do? Now how to fix the cologne sprayer nozzle.
No matter the things to do are:

  • Remove the upper nob and blow air in it.
  • Turn the bottle down, then press the nozzle on the ground, and you can get the perfume that comes out.
  • Now put the knob and try to spray.
  • Probably you will get it functioning.
Perfume nozzle fell off

But it would be a little complicated if the problem is for the inside mechanism. Then you can jiggle it and push it in. Now it may become loose.
However, sometimes they are just faulty, which sucks. Then you have nothing to do.

Final Cut
How to fix the cologne sprayer nozzle? Primarily every user tries to fix the nozzle in their way. Sometimes they are successful in fixing it. So you may get different options for this.

Here we are trying to mention some, and you may follow these tricks in your ways.
I hope they can solve the issue properly.

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