Why Is Avatar Cologne So Expensive ?

Avatar cologne has been one of the most expensive fragrances available in the market. It is a very distinct fragrance compared to the other designer fragrances that are available in the market.

The cost of Avatar cologne is so high that not many people can afford to buy it. But, Why Is Avatar Cologne So Expensive? This question may come to your mind.

Throughout the context, we’ll try to find out the fundamental reasons regarding the query. So, stay with us, and keep reading with full intent.

What makes Avatar so pricey

Amongst the various brand fragrances, the Avatar cologne stands out to be one of the most desirable fragrances in the market. There are quite a few reasons why Avatar is so expensive, and I talk about the most important ones on this page.


Avatar is a completely unique scent, unlike any other on the market. This is no coincidence as its unique aroma was created by the world’s best perfumer and has taken years to perfect. It comes in exclusive packaging that makes it even more special and expensive.

Avatar cologne comes in a beautiful, collectable bottle that can be refilled using small ampules. The bottle itself is created from the finest crystal and handcrafted to the highest standard.


What makes Avatar so expensive is something called rarity. Rarity is a general term used for something that is hard to find, and therefore, can command a higher price. In the case of prestige colognes and perfumes, there are only a few that people can find (or make) in the world.

Avatar has to be truly rare if you consider the fact that if every single person in the world bought a bottle, there would still be half bottles left. There will never again be another Avatar in circulation, so it’s bound to be extremely expensive.

Another factor is that the perfume smells incredible and was a big hit with women as well as men, which means the demand for it is huge.

Celebrities and Endorsements

We are seeing the emergence of more and more perfumes now that celebrities are becoming involved with their marketing. One of my favorites is the Avatar cologne by Thierry Mugler. It’s endorsed by several celebrities, but why is it so pricey?

You know all those commercials that have come out in the past couple of years that say “Avatar – Own the Game”? Well, it was really only a matter of time until celebrities started to show up to talk about how much they love the effects of Avatar Cologne. It appears that it has finally happened.

Large Amount of Unique Ingredients Used

The ingredients used in the Avatar cologne are said to be carefully selected and a great deal of time and effort is spent on the selection process. The following notes are the ones believed to be responsible for the unique scent of Avatar cologne:

Avatar stands out among colognes for the amount of unique ingredients used. The scent is based around tobacco, absinthe, and vanilla. For most cologne companies, this concoction would be prohibitively expensive, since each ingredient must be distilled individually from its original source.

This one blending process for Avatar costs $165 per batch! Most large perfume houses employ teams of perfumers who blend scents using nothing but their own imaginations and expertise.

Since many of these scents are unpredictable and new, they have to be made in tiny amounts (called “pouches”) so mistakes can be easily discarded without waste.

It’s a Luxury Brand

Avatar is a prestigious cologne that is also incredibly expensive. So what does this luxury brand have to offer that makes it so special? According to its manufacturer,

“The Scent Was Specially Created for the Members of the Elit Club, Whose Aim Is to “change the Perception of Mankind and Alter the Standards by Which Beauty Is Measured.”

In other words, Avatar has been advertised as a cologne for people who want to feel like they are “above the rest” of society. Of course, fragrances aren’t normally created specifically for a very small crowd, so accusations of elitism or even classism have been leveled at Avatar in the past. This might have contributed to some negative press for the cologne.

Has a Hard Work and Time Taken to Produce It

What makes this cologne so pricey when it smells like every other designer cologne out there is you have to understand what goes into making the finest fragrance.

What is there to know about how much it costs to make a bottle of cologne? While you would think that this is an easy question for someone who has years of training and experience in chemistry, fragrance making and product development, that is actually hardly the case.

Final Thought

So it was all about Why Is Avatar Cologne So Expensive. Here, I have mentioned the fundamental reasons behind the avatar cologne expensiveness. But, I can assure you that purchasing avatar cologne is worth the money.

Its high-quality ingredients, attractive fragrances, and stylish bottles, and packaging almost everything make it so pricy that are used by a considerable number of celebrities around the world.

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