What Does Fig Smell Like?

Many people hate fig smell before they even know what does fig smells like. They don’t want fig anymore in their perfume. They thought fig is perfect as a fruit but wired as perfume. If you are thinking something like those people, then I would suggest you keep reading this article.

Who knows, after reading this article, you might choose fig as your favorite fragrance.
Well, now let me say something about the misconception of people About fig. Some so many people don’t even know that fig perfume exists.

Some people never even smell fig; how does it smell like. If you are one of them, you will learn about the darkest secret of nature.

What is fig

what is fig

Before knowing about fig smell, you should know about what fig is. Now we are giving you the basic idea about fig. I hope you like this.

The fig of Ficus carica is the edible fruit which is a small tree of the Moraceae family. This fruit was cultivated in few areas, and now people have started growing figs worldwide. The species of this genus, ficus type fruit, contains substantial plant species, about 800 tropical and subtropical.

The fig grows up to 7-10 meters tall, and it has a smooth white bark. It has three to five deep lobes large leaves. It is tear-shaped fruit 3-5 centimetres long, and the body colour is purple and brown. It tastes sweet and soft, and the seeds are reddish and crunchy. The Season of fig is summer to early autumn. It can be eaten fresh or dried.

What does fig smell like

What does fig smell like

Fig smell can be different according to the types. As you know, there are few types of fig, and each fig’s smell differs from one another. But the most common thing about all the figs is that their smell is grassy types and has a bit of spiciness reminiscent of coconut.

When you are tasting fig, you can feel the smell of fig, something like coconuts. But when you are using fig perfume, it would smell different. The scent of fig fruit in perfume is sweet syrupy, something like marmalade.

You can find the best fig in Greece, Turkey, California, and Spain. Usually, it tastes sweet and can be used in dessert items. People who love sweet and sweetish, creamy and fruity type flavor will love the fragrance of fig. Even the people who don’t even like sweet will also love the fig fragrance.

All the characteristics of the fig make an unbelievable aroma that is going to grab everyone’s attention. The sign of this aroma is luxury, and sensuality increases your confidence level to the highest, and the fig fragrance can play a vital role. And usually, those perfumes or fragrances are costly, and online rich people can afford them.

Sometimes when people choose a fragrance for the first time, they get confused with matching the perfect scent, which can go with their personality. Fig perfumes are specially designed for them. You will get your desired outcome with it. Now here are the top fig perfumes that are hugely popular among people all over the world.

  • Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs
  • Byredo Pulp
  • James Heeley Figure
  • Miller Harris Figure

Those are the Most fig popular perfume all over the world.

What can be made with fig smell

What can be made with fig smell

Fig smells so aesthetic when you are a sweet lover. I know some people who never eat figs, but they love to use fig fragrances. And obviously, the reason is its unbeatable fragrance. There are so many things which can be made with fig smell. Lets me know what they are:

Fig in perfumes costly

Fig seed and leaf perfumes are viral among choosey people. It has a sweet, creamy smell, which is so good. The fig can be sunny, juicy, and ripe. This fragrance is unique and luxurious. Not only the fruit but its leaves are also used for making fragrance.

Fig scent in candles

Fig has been used in scent candles for so long. The candle smell is so fresh. When you are using fig candles, it will leave a sweet smell till it burns entirely. Your home will be complete with beautiful fragrances. If you don’t like the coconut-type smell, you can add few drops of vanilla flavour for the scent.

Fig fragrance oil

Fig seeds oil contains some vitamins, which are very effective for hair and skin, and body fat. It contains moisturizers, minerals, omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. All the ingredients work amazingly to improve hair growth and skin texture.

Fig essential oil

Fig veggies essential oil is full of vitamins. The most effective advantage of fig essential oil is it has the power to renew the skin. This is super cool for hair, body, and skin. And the oil smell is also so unique, which is the best part. Everyone should know about this fantastic oil so that they can take advantage.

Fig tea

After research, we come to know that we can use fig leaves in tea. It has some beneficial side like fig tea is good for diabetic patients. Because it helps to lower the insulin level, and after drinking fig leaves, your blood sugar level will be lower.
There are some other fig uses, but those are the most popular way to use fig fragrances. It naturally smells so good.

Bottom Line

Fig is a unique fruit. Many people even don’t know what does fig smells like. And many don’t know about its existent. The perfumes with fig fragrance are extremely expensive, and only a few people can afford them. If you like the fruity and sweet smell, then you are going to love the fig smell.

Fig fragrance can also be used in other things like candles, oil, and so many things. You can feel the real smell of figs when you are eating. Its seeds are so sweet and crunchy. Hopefully, you have found something amazing after reading this context.

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