How To Refill a Perfume Bottle – Easiest Way

This is an excellent skill if you know how to refill perfume bottles. If you want, you can condense your favorite perfume bottle into a small bottle to make your traveling easy.

Even so, for people who love crafting and upcycling, these empty perfume bottles will help them. At first, you may think it’s not very easy to open this perfume bottle fully.

But, it’s not complicated if you know perfume bottle anatomy and which tools are required to take it apart.

Check out the most straightforward steps below to open and refill your perfume bottles. After knowing it, you can quickly fill your signature scant without damaging it.

How To Open A Perfume Bottle?

How To Open A Perfume Bottle?

Before refilling a perfume bottle, it’s essential to know how to open a perfume bottle. Opening a sealed perfume bottle is not as complicated as you seem at first glance.

Most sealed perfume bottles come with a metal or plastic layer. But, many perfume bottles come out without being filled and come with a nozzle.

Type 1 – Opening Process Of Metal-Sealed Perfume Bottles:

To open your sealed perfume bottle, here below we give the process to open it. At first, to open it, you need particular tools like nippers and tissues. Besides this, you can get a glass tool kit like it for more safety.

Step 1: Take off The Cap And Wipe Out The Sprayer.
First of all, you should remove the cap. Then you can see the sprayer uncovered, and to remove it, you can use your pliers.

Plus, these pliers will be efficient if you pull forth and back, up and down, according to the sprayer position. By the end of this step, it’s essential to see the nozzle for moving on to the next step.

Step 2. Removing The Sprayer Base:
On the other hand, opening a perfume bottle is one of the most challenging parts. However, to remove the metal nozzle base, you need to use pliers and nippers. To lose this metal part, you should use the nipper and with the pliers, you can try to wriggle it right and left. Also, when you can see this layer is loose enough, take it off your perfume bottle.

Step 3. Use A Tissue To Check The Fine Glass
No matter if you are very careful at times because fine glass pieces will potentially get into the bottle. Once you remove the metal base, you can avoid this problem.

Type 2 – Opening Plastic-sealed Perfume Bottles:

The plastic-sealed bottle opening process and metal-sealed opening process are the same. Nonetheless, for opening it, you need to nipper, scissors, and tissue.

Step 1: Open The Cap And Remove The Sprayer
Most perfumes have a sprayer, so after taking the cap off, you can see the nozzle. You should also remove this nozzle. Also, for removing the nozzle, you can use killers like before.

Along with that, you can use scissors to remove it. But you can use it if this nozzle is not too tightly connected with the base. After exposing the sprayed base, it’s time to remove the piece.

Step 2. Remove The Base Of The Sprayer
In either case, since this is a plastic base, you will not need nippers and pliers. You can only use scissors, but you can use just a nipper if it doesn’t work.

From the perfume bottle glass, by sliding the scissors and nipper, loosen up the base. Usually, to make your job easy, you can do it on the opposite side.

Step 3: To Cleaning Bottle Neck Use The Tissue
When you can’t break the glass to remove a plastic sealing still, accidents can occur. Into your bottle, you can get small plastic pieces. Use a tissue and wipe the bottleneck to avoid it.

How to Refill a Perfume Bottle:

How to Refill 
a Perfume Bottle

Refilling a perfume bottle isn’t a complicated matter at all. To reuse the perfume bottle, you should open it the right way and avoid any devastation.

Therefore, if nozzle, sealing, and spraying are damaged, you can’t reapply the bottle. Here are some easy steps about how to refill a perfume bottle.

What You’ll Require:

Before knowing the refilling process, you need to know about the essential tools you’ll need. Below are some critical things to make your process complete.

What You'll Require
  • Perfume bottle
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Syringe
  • One empty bottle
  • Tissue

Step 1: Remove The Sprayer And Cap
Removing the cap is the first step to refilling your perfume bottle. To do it, use pliers to remove the nozzle from the bottle.
Gently, crawl the sprayer in a forth and back motion until the sprayer base is prominent.

Step 2: Remove Sprayer Base
Eventually, after removing the perfume bottle, it’s time to go to the most challenging part. And that is pulling the sprayer base.
Typically, to do it, you should first determine what type of bottle you have plastic or metal sealing.

Step 3: Wipe Out Fine Glass and Spray Stem:
Mainly, you can bind delicate pieces of glass to break the bottleneck, especially metal base bottles. Regardless, it’s an easy solution because you can wipe up the neck off with a tissue.

Likewise, it would help if you took care of your bottle because a piece of glass may be inside your bottle.

Step 4: Use a Funnel or Syringe to Transfer Perfume
Finally, you can expose your perfume bottle successfully. Now you can transfer your favorite scent in this empty bottle.

Instead of spraying it in your new bottle, use a syringe or funnel to move your perfume. Additionally, if you want to avoid wasted and messes, this is the best process.

Step 5: Seal the Bottle:
Accordingly, if you could avoid any breakage up to this point, you can then seal up the bottle for future use. Currently, you will reapply based on the bottleneck. Just skip it if it doesn’t work, and instead of it, reapply the sprayer.

Most importantly, the sprayer should fit above the neck like a missing puzzle piece. So, after doing it, your process will be complete.

Final Word:

Whether you are a traveler or love to upcycling pro, know how to refill perfume bottles. Generally, follow the above process to open and fill your perfume bottle for future use.

In either case, if you seem opening your bottle is too much difficult, try using a perfume atomizer. It’s because this is the best way to keep your scent on the go.

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