What Happens If You Drink Perfume?

Are you in search of what happens if you drink perfume accidentally? It may not sounds very comfortable. And this sort of silly mistake can be done by children only, not adults.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult because the baby swallows the perfume to think of a drink anytime. Have you ever thought, what should be your steps to take after that?

We believe precaution is better than cure. So it’s better to know about the protection if this happens to you.

To keep these things in mind, we designed our blog post to let you inform us about some cases if you drink them all of a sudden and their quick remedy. Let us get started.

Perfumes Can Cause Toxicity On Your Body

Perfumes Can Causes Toxicity On Your Body

You may wonder about this and think in your mind of how this is possible. Yes, it’s likely because most of the perfumes are contained with alcohol. According to Web poison control, the smell of liquor can make up 20-95% of scents. These scents can cause any trouble in your body, like blood sugar.

Again, if your perfume contains 30ml or above alcohol, and you consume it, these are enough to let you get drunk. Even if the children swallow it, they’re getting sleepy, or sometimes they develop slurred speech and feel breathing problems.

On the other hand, perfume can cause seizures because they aren’t made to feed you, lest they have to bear the high-end toxic ingredients like washer fluid. Stomach pain and loss of motion are the less dangerous effects compared to this.

You May Be Sick After Drink It

what happens if you drink perfume

If anyone drinks any perfume suddenly, then the following symptoms will happen to them. As though,

  • Your body temperature getting high,
  • You feel hives or boils
  • feeling confused about it
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Again, perfumes have a high alcohol content, so that they may cause severe illnesses such as nausea and vertigo, and they may kill you. It often causes the same effect as an alcoholic drink like whiskey, beer shows on the body.

Whereas, if it does not have any alcohol, it contains harmful chemicals and artificial smells that are very dangerous for our body. After drinking a small amount of perfume, you won’t need to go to any nearest casino or bar to get a peg. I’m just kidding! Don’t taste it at home, even if you’re an alcoholic.

In most cases, the alcohol in perfumery is “Denatured” by adding additives like Britax, dimethyl phthalate, etc., making the perfumes poisonous, bad tasting, and harmful. Denatured ethanol is widely used in perfumes, and these are safe to use on skin. But not good for your stomach. The other poisoning symptoms of ingested fragrances may include vomiting, liver failure, and coma.

After ingesting a large amount of perfume or detergent, or if the poisoner is an adult with an impaired gag reflex, the victim will suffocate due to pulmonary aspirations.

Emergency Help (for Child & Adult)

Emergency Help (for Child & Adult)

As we know, most of the perfume contains a high range of ethanol, a type of alcohol which humans shouldn’t swallow. If your child all of a sudden drinks a teaspoon of smell (not about a spritz or two), then you need to call a poison control center.

You will get an emergency contact number from the website. In the meantime, you should give your infant any carb or high sugar contained snacks to keep its blood sugar from falling to a dangerous level. We know it was so scary and happens too quickly, which may make you fall into such an annoying situation.

Thankfully, ingesting an alcohol mix perfume doesn’t kill your infants, except for these following symptoms.

  • A spiking fever
  • May feel boils/giant hives
  • Drowsiness
  • A dip in energy
  • Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Slurred talking
  • Breathing problems etc.

Most of these problems or causes can be cured if you take emergency help as soon as possible. Before taking your infant into the hospital, could you give it some primary treatment fast?

It will help to minimize the toxins of the harmful chemicals from the body. On the way, you should provide it with plenty of water to drink, light snacks.

In some serious cases, if your child ingests many perfumes, the physician keeps it overnight. Your child needs 48-72 hours to get rid of the dangerous toxicity of fragrances.

For adults, the symptoms may vary, but the treatment is almost the same.

When To Contact Dermatitis (If the problem occur on the skin)

We all know dermatitis is needed for those who’re suffering from skin diseases. So, naturally, you may ask why we should go there? You need to seek help from your dermatitis immediately if feeling any severe reaction of allergenic irritations, etc. Other types of contact dermatitis are included below.

  • Hives/blisters
  • Itchiness
  • Flaking
  • Burning, redness, or bumps on your skin & body
  • Extreme sensitivity


Consult dermatitis and try to take home-remedy to resolve these issues. Along with the dermatitis treatment, you should continue these below home remedies to get rid of the problems.

  • Clean or wash your body, face with any mild soap, body wash, or face wash.
  • Soothing the affected area with hypoallergenic, natural products like calamine lotions and aloe vera, coconut oil, etc.
  • Try to use hydrocortisone cream, for instance, Benadryl, until the itching and redness will subside.

Other Harmful Chemicals Use On Perfume

Other reactions of using perfume except for medical emergencies and even ingesting the toxic ingredients from the aroma can recover fully. Some of these chemicals are.


Besides, some chemicals in popular perfumes will cause dangerous reactions inside the body. Unlike this, styrene, an ingredient found in many cosmetics, was responsible for severe carcinogenic toxicity throughout the body.

Musk Ketone

Musk ketone is a popular ingredient that is used in perfume or cosmetics in Europe. It has a low biodegradability in contrast to a high exposure rate. They are often found in human breast milk and tissue. So you can’t claim this one is less harmful to you.

Fast Absorbing Perfumes

We usually like fast-absorbing perfumes which hold the scents linger for hours. Unfortunately, these absorbing chemicals are harmful to your body indeed. These toxic ingredients are responsible for skin vulnerability to soak in the possible carcinogenic diseases, alcohols, petroleum in the perfumes.

EAU De Toilette & EAU De Perfume

EAU De Toilette & EAU De Perfume

Both of these concentrations are highly indulged in many perfumes. Again, drugstore and cosmetic counter brand perfumes are causing severe reactions and allergic problems towards the body.

Eau de toilette perfume got 9-10% more alcohol than Eau de parfum. So you should contact the less alcoholic perfumes in that case.

Some Perfumes Which Has 10% risk of EWG’s system

  • Kelly Perry’s Killer Queen
  • Philosophy living grace spray fragrance
  • Nicki Minaj pink Friday eau de parfum
  • Adidas moves for her perfume
  • Marquee fragrance by Givenchy, Vera Wang, and Burberry.

Wrap Up

So if you still ask me, what happens if you drink perfume? Then my answer is that most customer products try hard not to make products which kill people when consumed, even by mistakes its bad for business.

Furthermore, go to an A.A. meeting and ask if anyone had tried to get drunk by drinking perfume or cologne.

It sounds more creepy and awkward, but the result is the drinker usually gets sick, not high or dead. Perfume wouldn’t be poisonous at all, or it would be required to be different.

It is not suitable for you and will make you sick, but it won’t kill a healthy adult unless you drink a lot.

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