Body Spray Vs Cologne – Which Is Better?

Do you want to make yourself attractive and be the center of attraction in the crowd? Then you will get to know the way of making yourself attractive from this article. Keeping yourself cool off, fresh and confident is necessary for every human being but it becomes essential when it comes to building your impression.

When we think about building an impression the first thing that comes to our mind is to dress up and maintain yourself well. But this will not work if you smell bad. So, to avoid this odd situation you can go for cologne or body spray. Many of us have a common query: body spray vs cologne and which is better? Explore all this answer below.

Body Spray Vs Cologne

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Before you distinguish between body spray and cologne and to find out which one is better, then you have to know about both of these first. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go anywhere for research about this because here in this article we will show you all the information.

What is cologne?

What is cologne?

The classic perfume which comes with oil mixes, alcohol and fragrance that is known as cologne. To keep the body fresh and fragrant for long cologne is used mostly. It is made with light fragrant oil so that it lasts for long without changing its smell. So people who want to make themselves more charming go for it.

What is body spray?

What is body spray

The light mixer perfume, glycerine, water and alcohol used on the body to keep us cool and fragrant is known as body spray. On a hot summer day to stay fresh you can choose it. Just spray a few drops and you will feel refreshed, cool and relaxed as well.

Should you wear cologne and body spray everyday?

Should you wear cologne and body spray everyday

Create your better version by using cologne. Are you looking to keep yourself cool off in every season? Then the best solution is cologne or body spray. To add more classiness on your dressup and to complete your look, fragrance plays a vital role. If you want to know if it is safe and should you wear cologne and body spray on a regular basis then the answer is YES.

Whenever you step out of the home or attend the parties or you are at home it doesn’t matter you can easily use cologne or body spray. Sprinkel the spray on the body and get a fresh smell that will help you to establish your impression and also enhance your attractiveness.

In the studies we find that cologne lasts longer than the body spray without changing its actual fragrance. It keeps you fragrant almost 24 hours but on the other hand body spray lasts for 10 to 12 hours. Nowadays there are some quality full branded body spray available in the market which will provide you long lasting freshness with an elegant smell.

Where and how to use cologne and body spray?

Basically you should wear cologne on your skin before you dress up. Neck, biceps, wrists, below the ear, cheeks, chest and other pulse areas are appropriate to rub cologne. It’s so simple to rub on your skin and you should not put pressure on it.

Like the cologne you can easily use body spray everyday. Apply it on your body directly and also on your clothes. Twice or thrice spray is enough for getting fresh fragrance.

Should Men Wear Cologne During Working Out?

Should Men Wear Cologne During Working Out?

To stay fit and healthy there is no alternative to working out. People like to go to the gym for exercise and some are also working out at home. But it’s the process of working hard so that you can sweat easily to burn calories. Sweating can cause odor on the body.

To avoid this odor problem and to stay fresh with good smell you should apply cologne before you start working out. Some are worried to use cologne or other body spray or any fragrance before exercise because it’s smell changes when it mixes with sweat.

But in the present days there are different types of cologne available in the market which stay longer on your body with the same fragrance in spite of mixing with sweat as it is produced. So people without worrying about fading out the fragrance enjoy a fresh smell during your workout.

Body Spray Vs Cologne: Which is Costly?

Body Spray Vs Cologne Which is Costly

When you wish to have body spray or cologne then the first thing that you have to consider is its cost. Many people think that these types of products are very expensive. But this statement is not 100% true. Because you get lots of variety in cologne or body spray at a less price. Depending on the brand and quality, the cost of this product varies.

If you are comparing the price of this two body spray and cologne then I would say, cologne is more expensive than body spray. At an affordable price you can buy a body spray but when you buy a cologne you need to spend more money for attending special occasions like parties, dates, meetings etc. Cologne has a long lasting scent and it doesn’t fade away easily and is also manufactured with good quality raw material because of that the price of cologne is high.

Cologne vs Deodorant

Do not confuse cologne and deodorant. Both are used for different purposes. Deodorant is used to eliminate bad odor from your body and also help to avoid sweating odor on the hot summer day. You should not use it on your cloth to get fragrance from it. Remember that deodorant will not be used for getting a good smell. This basically comes with oil based elements.

On the other hand, to keep yourself elegant and fragment from others cologne is commonly used. It also comes with oil and alcohol based elements and 4-5% is fragrance where deodorant is 1-2% of fragrance. Along with removing sweat odor it spreads a good smell as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this article there are some common questions that arise in the people’s minds. You will find all the answer below:

Is the perfume and cologne the same?

Most people think that both are the same but it’s not true. There are some significant differences between them, like effectiveness, raw materials, manufacturing process etc.

Are perfume and cologne work the same?

The answer is no. Because perfume is used to remove odor from your body with a sweet smell for ten to twelve hours. On the other hand cologne serves you long lasting fragrance and freshness like twenty four hours.

Do perfume vs cologne and deodorant look the same?

Perfume, cologne and deodorant do not look the same. Perfume comes with liquid and spraying form. Cologne comes in a creamy form so that you can rub it on your skin. And deodorant comes in liquid or thick form with the roller that you can roll it on underarms or on the skin easily.

When will the cologne and body spray expire?

Expiry Date of the cologne and body spray varies on its manufacturing process and company to company. Generally both come into the market with a minimum a year expiration date. Sometimes you will get a 2 or 3 years expiration date.

How many colognes do you need?

A cologne is a must have product these days. To get the extra attention from the people you need to purchase a cologne. If you are willing to invest in the cologne you can buy several cologne on the basis of parties that you are attending and the formal meeting and for the special dates.


“Smell good, feel good” this statement will be justified when you are using cologne or body spray on your skin by hiding the natural smell of your body. After reading this article you also get to know so many pros of using cologne and body spray. And you also know the differences between them.

There is a verdict between them and most of us think that both are the same. But I think you have cleared this confusion through this article. Further if you have any queries about body spray vs cologne please let us know your queries.

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