Do Women Like Cologne?

Do you know it is scientifically proved that wearing cologne will make a person more attractive? Interesting right! According to the research, it has been proved that people who wore good-smelling cologne are more noticeable than others.

Because of that cologne is a very desirable product to men. But a common question is asked by all and that is do women like cologne?

Definitely, women like cologne. Unless having any health issue like asthma or allergies no one will avoid cologne.

If you want to explore the more interesting questions and information about cologne read the following article.

do women like cologne

Do Women Wear Cologne?

The fragrance is one’s personal endeavor and subjective choice. It completes the looks and makes a person more confident and fresh. But many of us want to know if women really like to wear cologne or not.

Because people think cologne is a manly product but you will find different smells of cologne which is specially designed for women.

Not only that there are branches of perfumes, cologne, and brands are also available for women. These are mostly notes of floral, sweet, and fruity smells.

The longevity of the fragrance is a big matter for girls. So that cologne becomes fashionable to the women for ensuring and providing long-lasting fragrances.

Can A Girl Wear Men’s Cologne?

Yes, girls can wear men’s cologne without any hesitation. There is no sense that girls only like a floral and sweet fragrance. Many girls pick men’s cologne and like its smell as well and also like to wear this on a regular basis.

Men’s cologne comes with a classic, oceanic, woodsy, outdoorsy, leathery smell and that attracts the girls extremely.

Nowadays unisex cologne is available in the market so men and women can easily choose the same one.

What Things Do Women Look For in Men’s Cologne?

Using fragrance is totally an individual choice. But when it comes to picking a men’s cologne, girls review lots of things. The first thing that girls or women consider is olfactory then visual and auditory comes.

Relatively women take more time to choose cologne rather than a man does. Because they are keen on each and every factor of cologne and its notes of the fragrance. After that, finally, women select the right one which compliments their personality.

The longevity of the cologne is also a vital factor that women always consider before buying a men’s cologne. No one would like that if the fragrance is faded away in a short time.

There are different types of colognes are available depending on the changes of the seasons. Bright and citrus fragrances are commonly chosen by women for the summer season and the deeper and warmer fragrance is for winter.

Do Men Wear Cologne To Attract Women?

Every individual has a different perception about wearing cologne. So there is always an argument: one group of men will say they wore cologne for themselves.

Might be another group that will say they wore it to boost up confidence with general attraction. And others will say they use it occasionally to attract their loving person or women.

However, selecting the cologne with a nice fragrance will always be justified with your good outfit like the cherry on the cake. Honestly speaking, women are easily attracted to and like these types of men.

So Man, stop being worried if you are struggling to impress your girlfriend or loved one. The reason being you can select the right cologne which comes with an unusual fragrance and is justified with your personality as well.

Which Types of Masculine Scent Drive Women Wild?

The easiest, instant, and powerful way to attract your opposite person is the scent. It sounds a little bit weird but it’s true and proved in research. A good masculine smell of cologne can grab the attention of women towards you.

Because females have a more sharp sense of fragrance than men. There are few kinds of masculine scents that drive women wild, these are –


A fragrance that comes with cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, myrrh, frankincense, and coriander is called spicy note perfume. These types of scents are mostly popular for the winter season and coldest nights.

It helps to turn on and brings to the memories and also produces sexual excitement in all kinds of people.


Sharp and clear fragrance such kind of lime, lemon, vetiver, orange, lemongrass, and grapefruit smell is citrus note cologne. Women like this type of cologne because it provides a fresh and tangy smell.

So when men apply citrus note cologne women find it appealing and attractive.


The major factor for men’s colognes is musk, a rich, hot, and arousing fragrance that drives numerous ladies wild. You can diversify this cologne as masculine and it will be justified in each sense.

Because of that numerous ladies decide and pick this cologne for their men to wear, just as a famous decision for men themselves. At the point when musk oil was first found, it was considered a powerful force of physical allure.

The present musk colognes depend on this oil, which was initially obtained from musk deer.


Earthy fragrances such as rosewood, sandalwood, and patchouli are generating a strong masculine scent. This aroma drives women and boosts up feelings of well-being by warming up the body.

It also increases the sexual desire for a man who wore this earthy smell of cologne.

Last words

If you are a man or a woman it does not matter at all, to be a more attractive person pick a cologne on your basket. The primary reason for using cologne is to remove body odor and spread fresh and noticeable fragrance.

But remember not every cologne makes you sexually attractive, there are some specific notes of the scent which make you desirable.

Women have a sharp and complex knowledge of aroma. They responded in different ways depending on the body smell of a man. Many of them also use men’s cologne on their regular wear.

So here is a piece of advice for men, by improving your outfit with fragrance and choosing a masculine scent you can attract women effortlessly.

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