What To Do With Old Perfume?

We often throw the old perfume bottle after we are done using it. Amidst all the excitement towards a new perfume be, it the same we don’t look back at the old one. But instead of throwing, we can reuse the old perfume. There are a lot of processes to instill life into the old perfume. It doesn’t have to be destined in the trash always. We will discuss what we can do with the old perfume bottles.

What to do with old perfume?

There are so many ideas to recycle perfumes. It’s actually quite fun. We have compiled a list of all the things you can do with an old perfume bottle.

  • Sprinkle the cologne
    The main task of cologne is making things smell good. It can be anything. You can spray in your cupboard, or any other you want to be fragrant.
  • Carpet-Cleaning
    Carpet-cleaning leaves a weird smell afterward. For people who have issues with it, just spray a little bit of cologne in it. It would solve the weird smell issue and also leave a fragrant smell.
  • Sprinkle in curtains
    The fabrics of curtains are known to absorb a variety of fragrances. You can spray a little bit of the perfume there and the whole room would smell great for hours. You may sprinkle your perfume on your pillow, covers, bed sheets. You can sleep with a lovely fragrance around.

  • Toilet rolls
    The toilet rolls could use the scent of your favorite fragrance. You can spray your old perfume on your toilet roll.

  • Air-freshener
    The old perfume can certainly fulfill the responsibility of an air freshener. You can use the perfumes that you outgrow as a new freshener. You can further use it as a car freshener. It will help you economically and you are able to recycle your old perfume.

  • Use as a humidifier
    You can use old perfumes to steam the surroundings. Mix the perfume with boiling water. It will infuse with the rise of the vapor. You can take help from a humidifier.
  • Lampshades
    You can sprinkle perfume in the lampshades. The scent will spread with the heat from the bulb.
    Note: You cannot use oil-based perfume for this technique as it will cause ignition.
  • Use for Laundry
    Take a handkerchief and then sprinkle perfume in it. After that, put the handkerchief in the washer. The fragrance from the handkerchief will mix with the other laundry.
  • Travel tissues
    Sprinkle a little perfume on tissue paper and then store them. You can use them for travel too.
  • Aromatherapy
    Take the perfume and spritz it into the steam coming from the tap. This will give you an aromatherapy session during your bath.
  • Scented lotions
    You can make scented lotions from your old perfume. Just add a few drops into the lotion and there you have it.

Are old perfume bottles worth any value?

Are old perfume bottles worth any value

Yes, perfume bottles are quite valuable. There are a lot of people who collect those fancy perfume bottles. You can sell perfume bottles. The fancy and extravagant perfume bottles go on to sell for hundreds of dollars. Old perfume bottles are considered antique pieces. They are taken for vintage collection by many.

What to do with old perfume bottles?

What to do with old perfume bottles

Instead of throwing the old perfume bottles consider recycling them. Here are some ideas –

  • Dresser display
    You can even display the empty bottles in your dresser or any other place. Fill them up with colored water and they actually look really good.
  • Oil burners
    You can convert the bottles into oil burners. They will have your house smell amazing.
  • Spray
    They can work wonders in summer. When the weather is unbearable, take the bottle and fill it with cold water. You can spray it on you throughout.
  • Jewelry Holder
    Perfume bottles can be used as jewelry holders. You can put your small earrings, pearls, chains in them.
  • Jewelry
    Tiny perfume bottles can be made into pieces of jewelry. Like a pendant sort of thing. Just add them in a chain. They will add a funky look to your outfit.
  • Herb holder
    You can plant flowers, herbs in these bottles. They will look fancy in these small perfume bottles.
  • Create your perfume
    The last is your own perfume. Some people love creating their perfume. These bottles will come in handy in those times.
  • Reed diffuser
    You can convert the bottle into a reed diffuser. A lot of people actually do this. Empty perfume bottles are perfect for a reed diffuser.
  • Craft Project
    You can convert your perfume bottle into a sparkly globe. It can be a good crafty project with your family. it won’t need a ton of work since perfume bottles are usually quite crafty themselves.
  • Insect Repellant
    You can pour insect repellant in the old perfume bottles. They work great.
  • Bud Vase
    You can convert the perfume bottles into bud vases. The flowers will look really beautiful in them.

Crafts with empty perfume bottles

Crafts with empty perfume bottles

Perfume bottles are often quite fancy. It’s actually a bit difficult for the users to throw those beautiful bottles. Many people use them for various craft projects. We have mentioned some of them below:

Flower Vase: You can convert them into flower vases. It won’t require much work. Most of the perfume bottles come with their unique colorful design.

Light Jars: Get some fairy lights and put them into the empty bottles. We don’t need to tell you the magic of fairy lights. They can work as a sort of decorating lamps in your evening party or just the living room. They really bring out the surrounding. Make sure to arrange a hole for the electric socket.

Terrarium: You can create a small terrarium with empty bottles. Just add some soil, plants, and pebbles to them. They will look great.

Frames: You can add a picture and convert the empty bottle into a picture frame. Just add a little bit of your crafty side to them.

Showpiece: The perfume bottles can be converted into many types of a showpiece. The bottle itself looks no less than a centerpiece without any effort. One of such ideas is you can fill the bottle with glitter or pearls. The crystal bottles look great.

Can expired perfume be used?

Can expired perfume be used

No, expired perfumes cannot be used. The expired perfumes have a weird and unpleasant scent. If you use it, you are contradicting the whole purpose of perfume – smell good. Expired perfumes can also result in skin rash and skin-related problems. You might even get an allergic reaction to these perfumes. If your perfume is a few years old, it is always to test it to see if it’s expired or not.

How can we dispose of old perfume?

There is no right way to dispose of old perfume. However, expired ones can get toxic. So you can’t just toss these perfumes aside with other garbage. Different cities have different laws and rules for the disposal since perfumes are flammable and hazardous materials. There are facilities in some places, some areas host events where you can drop these off. Remember to check in on those. Here are some ways you can dispose of the old perfume bottles –

  • Collect all the old perfume bottles and keep them in a garbage cart or bin. Then have them collected later.
  • If you think the perfume is spilling, then take the perfume in a secured and air-tight container. Then throw them according to your city law. You can check the local government website.
  • Many areas have waste drop-off centers. You can go there and drop off your old expired products.
  • If you have any perfumes that you haven’t used then don’t just throw them. There are plenty of places you can donate them. There are women shelters, charity shops, gift them to others. Don’t just throw a perfectly good perfume bottle.

Can we pour the perfume into the drain or toilet?

Can we pour the perfume into the drain or toilet?

Never pour down your old and expired perfumes down the drain or toilet. You can risk the waterways through the drains because there is a risk of contamination through drains. Perfumes when expired can be hazardous things. You don’t infect your water sources through this.

Final Words

We all have a bunch of old perfume or perfume bottles lying around. We often throw them when they start to clutter the house. But there are great ways to repurpose empty perfume bottles and old perfumes. We have mentioned quite some ideas and ways for you to recycle your old perfumes. Check them out. If you have some ideas, do send us.

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