Is Perfumania Legit though It’s Cheap Rate?

We all buy perfumes from all sorts of retail shops. Perfumania is an online retailing shop that provides one hundred discounted products all over the U.K. and U.S.A. But the question that arises is perfumania legit?

This question varies in some specific cases. We must mention their best quotes that enhance and provide their customers with a good motto. Perfumania is determined to spread and produce authentic products based on genuine fragrances and gifts.

All in all, their popularity and trained customer assistants provide 100% support and guide you to choose the authentic one. So let us look to see if these perfume retail shops are worthy or not.

When did Perfumania Start Their Journey?

Perfumania started its journey in April 1987 in Miami, Florida. This perfume online retailing shop launched more than 247 fragrance outlets nationwide in February 2002. To envision this biggest retail shop is to provide thousands of brands throughout the world.

As time progresses, the biggest perfume shops now have 239 retail shops inside the U.S.A. Their national sales in 1988 were around 3.2 dollars. From 1998-2002, their yearly sales volume was about $1,420,041,00.00.

This company aims to lead consumers to discover signature scents by merging the worlds of art and science. The first fragrance outlets were established and debuted in the same year, November, on the Potomac Mills mall in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, Perfumania has been working to yield customer satisfaction for many years. They showed their excellence while choosing or launching a one-by-one product that exposed new niches and lifestyle brands.

What Products did Perfumania Offer?

Perfumania sells both male and female perfumes. From their best collection, here are some authentic fragrances for women.

  • Burberry
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Clinique
  • Davidov
  • Perry Ellis
  • Paris Hilton etc

On the men’s corner, Perfumania launched about 1940 filtering products. Both of them are enriched with fresh and natural ingredients. The best saying of their perfume is about Cologne.
Their first Cologne was conveyed in 1996. Although there is anyone who can trace some outbreaks, male scents. For instance,

  • Azzaro
  • Calvin Klein
  • Burberry
  • Versace
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren etc.

What Customers Say About the Authenticity of Perfumania?

When it’s time to search for a website’s reliability, we first read their reviews, what reviews say about authenticity. The below reviews are found on their official sites.

One of the reviewers noted that “their sales and customer service are good and knowledgeable. They suggested to me some of the best perfumes, which I’m totally ignorant of.”

Another reviewer said that their service is good, authentic, and unpleasurable. Again, a customer also complained about their horrible return policy. He claimed he got a fragrance that was a man’s Cologne.

He wore it, but after 5-minutes, the smell was just puff. Furthermore, he told the lady to return the product, and they memorably returned it with an exchange.

Another user said the perfumes that they offered were genuine and legit. But their customer service is not satisfactory. Especially when you’re going to apply their discount code to an online purchase, they suddenly took it off without any disclaimer.

However, the only reason for this is they want to keep their overhead lower compared to other retailers. There is a big market strategy that everyone follows. Constantly, this competition is increasing to beat their competitors.

Does Sale Limited, Old or Used Products?

This question is a very common fact to the users to buy products from any site. At this point, you can undoubtedly rely on it while buying products from the sites. The website claimed that their online shops neither produce nor sell any limited, old, or used items.

All of their products are available in the same qualities. Anyone would expect to find them in any leading departmental store.

Are Perfumania Websites Secure to Order?

The perfumania website is secure. It ensures online purchasing, which is the central obedience and vital part of engaging customers. Their websites prefer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect and maintain their privacy, including credit card numbers.

The SSL here works to encrypt all the private numbers, and it won’t be read or copied twice by any stranger.

Besides, the procedures are done with the help of algorithm technologies here rather than any presence of humans. So it’s secure for everyone as SSL has ascertained all the sensitive information.

FAQ’s About Perfumania

Do the Majority of Perfume Online Sales authentic products?

Yes, most of the online retail shops sell authentic products. But all you need to do is take the necessary steps to identify the fake and real ones. Legit or counterfeit perfumes don’t smell longer and spread fragrance like the original one.

What Is The Best Website To Buy Perfumes?

Some of the best websites for perfumes are attached below to minimise your struggles. Although,

What Happened To Perfumania?

The American shopping mall mainstay in charge of closing the stores was accused of bankruptcy. They had been insolvent under the chapter 11 bankruptcy on 28th September 2017.

The authority intends to complete 64 retail shops out of 226 stores. They also take possession of their company’s privacy as a part of its reorganisation to file bankruptcy court filings.


If you’re still in doubt about is perfumania legit, we would like to say nothing can come to be handy and authentic unless you inquire about it. The product you buy doesn’t mean it belongs to the only sites of perfumania that aren’t original.

This issue can happen on any site. So the consolation is that we must be aware before purchasing any of the products online.

If you use it only once, you can spot a genuine perfume. Lastly, perfumania may not be best in their authenticity, but they promised to do it, which is the only positive thing about this online shop. We must appreciate it.