Mont Blanc Legend Vs Intense – Which One To Pick?

Both Mont Blanc and intense are the best brands of cologne. But there is a little difference between them because legend Montblanc launched in 2011, whereas intense black was established in 2013. Men love these fragments, but the main impurity between them is their popularity, notes, and intensiveness.

Mont’s black is an Aromatic Cougar fragrance for men which spreads in your body intensively. The nose behind this smells like Olivier pesccheux.

To differentiate both fragrances, we attach their main features, longevity, silage, and everything you need to know about mont blanc legend VS intense. So let us get started. Read till the end to get a clear idea about it and get the perfect one for you.

Odds Between Mont Blanc Legend Vs Intense

Let’s see the differences between mont blanc legend and intense at a glance:

CharacteristicsMont Blanc LegendMont Blanc Intense
Base NotesTonka Bean, SandalwoodTonka Bean, Amber, White Cedar Extract and Oakmoss.
SilageIntimate, moderateModerate, strong
Lasts3-4 Hours9 hours
SuitabilityNight outCool-weather
Blind BuyYesNo

Features Comparisons Of Both Mont Blanc Legend Vs Intense

Features Comparisons Of Both Mont Blanc Legend Vs Intense

Mont Blanc cologne, directed by cologne, launched its products for gentlemen who want to link masculinity and passion. Both of these essences are used to leave a powerful feeling and sexiness. But the main dissimilarities rely on their features and functions. So we discussed them below in detail.

Scents Of Both Essence

Mont Blanc Legend is a great work scent and embedded with a fruity but not enough to be a gourmand. You need to apply a very generous application as it dissipates quickly.

About Legend
The smell of the legendary fragrance is pretty good, by which it can last more than about 30 minutes or 1 hour, the smell disappears for you. You may wish it could last for much longer. So the scents are very strong affairs in that case.

One of its users claimed that Legend is a very spicy fragrance that hits you in the back of the throat like a Billy Crystal dropkick. It will ravage your olfactory senses, leaving one to rummage through the discount bin like a Radio Shack aimlessly.

About Intense
Now, talk about the intense. Intense smells more closely to the sun java—all in all, the Legend intended to be a touch darker with a hint of vanilla. When you smell this, you think of it’s a suit, some tall buildings in the middle of New York, by which the world is working. It was exquisite, classy, fresh, and citrus, whiffs of sharpness.

The metallic bottle represents what you get. If the Jaguar could have chosen a smell, it’d be this one. A user says this intense body odor smells like an apple note. It’s a ramped-up and much sweeter than other fragrances than a legend, in their opinion.

Projections Of Both Scents

Mont black legend has good projection compared to other brands. It may last about 3-4 hours. You need to reapply the fragments again.

About Legend
Legend body deodorant is simple but it has a elegant vibe. You will definitely like something that you have smelled before after you will smell it. However, all over, it’s good.

You can wear it anytime regardless of the place you are going and it will work. It’s fresh and classic; you will get the smell with the touch of fruitiness. It’s clean, mass appealing, and safe. However, it has heavy top notes, which can’t explain if there’s much bass.

These scents will win the heart as it has a very energizing fragrance. You should spray this in the morning for sure, and in cold weather. It lasts about 4-5 hours. Most of these scents have a very moderate projection.

About Intense
Again, intense men cologne is better than the original Legend. The citrus and fruity blast of the initial spray spreads a long projection around the people. It has a very sweet and spicy scent on its heart and base.

You don’t need to spray too much as if it can get nose blind easily. Some users asserted that spraying only 6 is good enough if you’re going out. Or, 3 to 4 sprays is maximum for any office wear. The scents last for 5 to 6 hours. You usually need to reapply it.

But the original deodorant of this wouldn’t last at all. After 2 hours and it’s all gone. So the Mont Blanc legend has a more extended projection than the Legend.

Suitability Of Both Scents

Legend mont blanc cologne is particular for teenagers. Because as the child grows up, their choice will also grow up gradually. This is very special for them because It’s pleasant to use every day like a dumbreach frag.

About Legend
It will remind you of the smell of SEGA play with a console of cartridges and the way they smell inside the connective part. If anyone opens up any electronics, the way they smell inside, all in a good way, though.

Moreover, it has a warm, spicy, sensual scent which ensures that people are aware of its presence. After using this, you’ll say it’s sweet, and the pineapple that comes inside the perfumes is lovely, and its dry down becomes creamy and leathery.

These legend fragments can easily be used during work, coffee with a friend / particular date, / a spring and summer’s night.

About Intense
Besides, intense cologne is a highly complimented fragrance and beautiful indeed. It’s sweet yet a bit spicy; we must say it goes best with the formal type of clothes and more than a cold-weather fragrance. You can try it in the summer and also in any warm weather.

Longevity On Skins & Cloth

When we choose to spray any deodorant in our body, It’s natural to expect they’d have strong longevity to our skin and clothes.

About Legend
If you test the Mont Blanc legend fragrance, at first, you don’t smell it after spraying it. Although this smells nice, you can’t say anything negative about the way it smells.

All over, Legend is a perfect scent to wear every day dumb rich sort of fragrance. It’s good and fresh, with the scents of sour pineapple and having a very slight musk.

But the problem with this fragrance is its awful performance. Legends lightly project for maybe an hour; then, it becomes a skin scent. So you can define or explain, it was entirely gone by the three or 4-hour mark.

Hence, some reviewers douse themselves in this stuff, but most people still don’t even notice it. It’s terrible to wear for the travel atomizers, so the fragments can respray every 2 hours when you wear it. Otherwise, it will fade away too quickly for it to be worth wearing.

About Intense
Intense has better longevity than Legend. Its longevity and sillage are awesome as they stay on your skins for 14 hours, a long lasting smell will mark easily with the beast mode.

And then, for the next 3 hours, it became a close aura on your skin from the 4th hour until the 14th hour. Intense became skin scent afterward.

After 30 min, it’s getting sweeter, and anyone can smell the fresh musky pineapple. That’s why this is a perfect fragrance for about 20±year-old people.

So, Which Should Be Your Choice?

To make the work for you more plain and intensive, we attach here the lengthy reviews of both Mont Blanc legend and Mont Blanc intense.

About Legend

  • It is a pleasant, woody, mossy, fruity fragrance.
  • The fragrance didn’t contain any offensive or harsh notes.
  • This legendary perfume has a unique character.
  • It has a projection about moderate to Low so that the people can smell you about 3 feet (0.91 m) around the wearer.
  • The aroma has a long silage. People can smell you about 4 feet (1.22 m) behind the wearer.
  • Suitable season to wear: Spring, summer, fall, colder days, and climate-controlled environments.
  • Suitable occasions — formal events, outdoor gatherings, office, business, casual, etc.

About Intense

  • It’s classy and hard to beat as an aromatic
  • Longevity- it stays 7 hours with 3 sprays)
  • Sillage- it peaks at 4~5 feet (1.52 m), the projection for 2.5 hours
  • Versatility is excellent and suitable to use for almost any situation)
  • It is quite similar to some upscale fragrances, and it’s a flanker.
  • The perfume comes with a beautiful bottle and is very good overall quality.

We recommend you to use and go for legends according to their longevity and outstanding performances. Meanwhile, intensities are also good on their functions and features.

Final Wrap

So, we’re going to end this conversation about mont blanc legend vs intense. You should make a choice between these two. The above circumstances help you to decide whether you would buy this one or not. It has been clear that strong and sexy perfumes can be fitted for any age.

Mont Blanc is a decent company that is always behind you to fulfill all the needs with their best versatile fragments. Both Legend and intense are used for masculinity but really different in their projections and silage. After all, it flourished your macho personality.

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