Do Guys Wear Cologne To Impress?

Colognes are one of the most popular fragrances. Created in the 18th century, they have integrated themselves into various forms and scents. Today the cologne holds a profitable share in the fragrance industry.

The term ‘Cologne’ has been marketed towards men. Many companies have put forward tremendous and unique scented colognes over the past years.

A lot of men have started to wear colognes. Even though there are lots of men who wear the cologne to impress women, a lot of them wear it to feel confident and good about themselves.

What does it mean when a guy wears cologne around you?

There has always been a debate around men who wear fragrances. The perceived notion suggests that men do it in order to attract attention towards them.

Even though a massive part of colognes or fragrances has been marketed towards men, there are so many perceptions regarding it. Whenever a guy has started to wear cologne around you, it means he is taking good care of himself.

He is wearing a fresh fragrance to feel confident about himself. There might be some impressions to create. In the workplace, men can wear cologne to make a good impression on their clients and co-workers.

Do Men Wear Cologne to Impress?

Do Men Wear Cologne to Impress

Cologne and impression is a never-ending debate. The first question people, even men, ask is – Do men wear cologne to impress women?

Even though attraction is an integral part of the cologne, it always doesn’t revolve around women for men. A guy can wear cologne for a general impression. He wants to smell good. It might help him feel more confident in general.

Who doesn’t like to smell lovely and pleasant, as for guys, masculine? If you smell fresh, you will feel good about yourself and be more productive. A lot of guys do it to add a new perspective to their look.

Does Cologne Make Men More Attractive?

Attraction and perfumes go hand in hand in the fragrance world. It is widely assumed that colognes make you more appealing, maybe because the smells are marketed in that way.

The marketing campaigns behind colognes suggest that men who wear colognes are more attractive. The logic behind this is confusing and quite elaborate. I think it’s related to the men themselves.

Men always compliment a woman on their perfumes as they see it as a safe opportunity to praise the ladies without offending them. This is where we think the attraction for fragrances has established a relationship.

What Women Think Guys Who Wear Cologne?

What Women Think Guys Who Wear Cologne

Men’s Journal surveyed 20 women. They asked the women what they thought of men who wore cologne. The 20 women gave a mixed response about their feelings towards men wearing cologne.

All of the women liked the men who smelled good. Women were more inclined to the idea of men wearing subtle colognes rather than intense ones.

A few women were totally against the idea of men wearing any fragrance to the workplace. One of the women from the survey stated that she associates the person once she smells it on him.

Another woman from the survey thinks cologne on men is a turn-on. One girl said that wearing cologne means the man takes care of him.

Some of the women associated the words alluring, cool, turn on, evocative regarding colognes on men. I guess this answers the popular question – Is cologne a turn-on for women?

They were some contradicting ones too. Like one woman, she wasn’t a fan of cologne. While another marked it cool, but it wasn’t a necessity. More or less, it was a positive response altogether. Almost everyone prefers a subtle cologne.

What Does Research Say about Cologne and Attraction?

What Does Research Say about Cologne and Attraction

No one is oblivious to the connection made between cologne and the perceived sexuality behind it. Even the commercials use it as a factor, actually as the main factor, to promote their different lines of fragrances.

However, the scenario of colognes being just luxury has changed. Colognes were just used on special occasions for special events.

Now it is used daily. Men wear the colognes to work. It can skip the process of waiting for a special occasion or a special someone.

A research study stated that the colognes did increase attraction. The cologne works with body odor, so the men always feel fresh. Another study said men feel more self-confident when they are wearing colognes.

The men in the survey thought they felt more attractive to women then. It’s the surrounding factors like the confidence that works on the attraction.

It is stated that cologne makes both men and women more desirable when it blends well with the body odor. That is why most companies emphasize finding the right cologne.

Can guys wear colognes to work?

Yes, guys can wear colognes to work, and they do. Companies manufacture a lot of office colognes. The office colognes are not intense, and they offer subtle scents respecting the workplace environment.

It is proven that various ingredients in colognes help to deal with the office environment. For instance, lavender induced the brain to relax.

It works exceptionally well to deal with stressful office situations. The citrus colognes help to navigate the anxiety.

These are marked with productivity. Also, when you are feeling fresh, you feel self-confident yourself. You give a good impression to everyone. So, a subtle cologne in the workplace is not a bad idea.

Final Words

The answer to this question is and will always be vague. It will depend on the guy. It has been proven that cologne does make men more attractive to women.

This works as they are more self-confident, and everyone likes a guy who is always fresh and pleasant smelling. However, the question of guys wearing cologne to impress girls solely depends on the person.

Some may wear it to make them more appealing and confident in front of girls or certain girls. The other portion might wear it to impress a general crowd anywhere. They want to feel good about themselves.

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