How To Apply Cologne Without Spray

Fragrances are a great way to identify someone or to make an identity for yourself. It speaks for you. There are many types of fragrances in the market today. All these perfumes give a unique scent. There is a scent for everyone. People select their fragrance on their preferred density and scent.

Cologne is a popular fragrance type. It is a less concentrated fragrance with only 4% of essential oils. Most of the bottles come with a spray so you can just them. However, today a lot of manufacturers are excluding the spray from the bottle. It has stood as a challenge for the users to apply without the spray. This article will be focused on this problem.

A little bit about Eau de Cologne

A little bit about Eau de Cologne

Before we dive into the problem, let’s talk a little bit about Eau de Cologne. Created by the famous Giovanni Maria Farina, it is a perfume with less density. Giovanni who was an Italian perfume maker invented this cologne taking inspiration from his Italian heritage and culture. The fragrance reminded him of the spring mornings in Italy, the orange blossoms that were seen after rain, daffodil-mountain.

Why do some colognes do not have a Spray?

Why do some colognes do not have a Spray

We see many cologne bottles come without a spray now. Manufacturers want their users to find efficient ways to apply the fragrance. Another most notable reason behind not putting spray is to cater to each user. There are people who have respiratory problems. Colognes that come with spray nozzles are not suitable for people with respiratory issues. The spray makes the air full of the cologne droplets. These droplets irritate people with sensitive lungs.

How To Apply Cologne Without Spray

How do you apply cologne that doesn't spray

When you find colognes without the spray, the first most of us do is apply through our fingers. However, this is not correct and it just wastes the cologne.

We apply more than required as we don’t have any measurements. You overapply due to this and not to mention the dirt that enters the cologne when it comes in contact with your fingers. It reduces the quality of the cologne. We have mentioned three ways to apply the cologne that doesn’t spray.

Before applying the cologne, make sure you are moisturized and showered. We often make the mistake of applying before we go out. However, applying right after ensures a long-lasting scent as the pores of our body remains open.

Apply with wrist

  • Take the cologne and cover the spout with the wrist, then turn over. Do this two times. The wrist doesn’t have dirt residue as a result there is very little chance of contamination.
  • Next, dab the cologne on the area with fingers from your unoccupied hand. This keeps you from over-applying or wasting cologne. you can apply the cologne in this way as much as you want and can. Make sure to apply the cologne to the pulse point. As the pulse points are warmer, they tend to diffuse the scent more. For people who don’t know the pulse points, they are our wrists, neck, below the midriff, behind knees, inside elbows.

Finger Dabbing Method

Finger Dabbing Method perfume apply

You can use the finger dabbing way. It is a popular method for colognes that do not have a spray. It is regarded as an efficient one.

  • In this process, you take the cologne and put your finger – index, and middle on the spout.
  • The next step is the tip. Tip it in this position for straight one minute.
  • Slowly move to the upright position with the bottle.
  • After that nab your fingers in the pulse points (stated above). Also, apply in the area above the ears. You don’t have to apply every point. Touch the points of your preference.

Hair Stick Method

This process is for people with sensitive skin. Some people find touching the cologne itchy. So, they have to skip the whole applying without the spray. This process is a kind of rescue for them. It is a much safe method.

  • You will need a hair stick for this method. A ten-inch will work.
  • Then get the cologne bottle. Put the stick on the spout of the bottle.
  • Let the stick soak in the bottle for about one to two minutes.
  • After that, it’s just brushing on the pulse points.

You can use these methods while applying the colognes without the spray nozzle or when your cologne sprayer is not working.

Things to consider applying colognes that don’t spray?

If you go on following the right ways, you can retain the scent for a long time.

Prepare: Preparation is very important in applying cologne. Good preparation will ensure the fragrance all day. Apply right after you take a shower. If you cannot shower before you apply the cologne, moisturize at least. A moist skin does work positively. Also if you are using anything else like deodorant, soap – use unscented ones so that there is not a mixture of unwanted scents later. This type of preparation doesn’t seem worth it to many people. But they help the cologne retain its fragrance for the longest time.

Apply in the right places: There are certain body parts where you should apply the cologne. Applying those points will retain the scent for much longer.

Apply the cologne to the pulse points. The pulse points are usually warmer since they are close to the skin surface. They retain the fragrance more as they are in warmer areas. They help the fragrance diffuse. For those who don’t know which the pulse points are, we have mentioned them above in the article. You can apply the cologne on the top of your ears. People often think it doesn’t work but it does – As the top of our ears is a bit oilier than the rest of the body. So, the scent remains there more time.

Storage: The quality of the cologne depends a big deal on the storage. Heat can break the perfume particles. Always store the cologne in a cool and dry place. Humidity will work negatively on the perfume. It is always to keep the cologne away from the bathroom.

Dab: We often rub the perfume. We think it will retain the scent for longer. However, the correct way is dabbing not running. Rubbing the cologne makes the top notes break. So, the scent is often altered. So, dab the perfume to settle the cologne down for more time.


Now, whenever you see a cologne without the spray, no need to be afraid. You can apply it without any problems. Use your fingertips to apply with different methods. Remember to not over-apply. You only need a moderate quantity with a long-lasting effect. Follow the techniques and methods mentioned above. You can choose anyone for applying the cologne while following the right techniques. You will get a long-lasting fragrance.

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