Polo Blue vs Polo Black – What Is The Difference Between?

Nowadays hardly we can find someone who doesn’t use any scent or perfume when they step out from home. So in terms of public demand, there are millions of perfume brands that have been built all over the world.

Ralph Lauren is one the most renowned brands in the world and they have launched different types of perfume as well as cologne.

Among all of these types, polo series perfumes are the top choice for sophisticated men. Are you confused between polo blue vs polo black?

Then here you are in the right place. From this article, you can explore all the information about polo blue and polo black.

Polo Blue vs Polo Black

Presently polo from the Ralph Lauren brand is in demand and its popularity remains constant from its beginning. Polo black and Polo blue are opposes to each other because both are more favored cologne to the users.

These are Eau De Toilette and polo blue comes with an energizing fresh fragrance and polo black comes with distinctive and classy fragrance. However, both cologne embraces contrast fragrances and uses for different events.

Now in the following, I’m going to tell you all the details about Polo black and Polo blue and which will be appropriate for you.

What Is Polo Blue?

Polo Blue is a well-blended aquatic fresh cologne for men which was created and launched by Ralph Lauren in 2003. It is a light and energizing perfume and it is ready up with fresh melon, orange, citrus join with cucumber for the top note.

After that, it is empowered in the middle note geranium, followed by a lighter aroma of basil and clary sage. These notes mist the skin with an empowering trio to transmit a light first impression that offers a way to deal with more significant smells as time goes on.

Is Polo Blue a Good Cologne for Men?

People who like to have a masculine impression with fresh fragrances undoubtedly can choose polo blue perfume.

Generally, it seems the young generation is mostly users of this product. To get a casual hint on your attire with the sweet and earthy smell go for this polo blue.

Where Would You Wear Polo Blue?

For any daytime events, meetings, any get-together or everyday use polo blue is the best-worn perfume and also provides you with a classy fragrance. It is also good for night functions to make yourself noticeable.

This cologne is not highly recommended for winters. Because its smell may be overbearing in the winter months.

How Long Polo Blue Cologne Will Last?

Polo Blue is a long-lasting cologne. It has no overpowering fragrance so that it will last for a day long. There is no stress when you are applying on the hot summer days because its smell will not change if you are sweating.

Its aroma may be lighter or fade than the first application. But reapplying it to your body will provide long-lasting fragrance and freshness.

What Is Polo Black?

In 2005 Polo Black cologne for men was launched in the market by Ralph Lauren. It comes with a heavier fresh and fruity smell. Polo Black comes with a bold and brighter fragrance in comparison with Polo Blue.

While opening a Polo black cologne bottle it smells of mango initially that offers a soft, sweet, fruity, and tropical aroma.

After that, you will see the sweet smell tone will be underlying by the woodsy and spicy tone which comes from sage and patchouli notes.

Finally, it smells like a smooth hint of sandalwood which is darker and sweeter and helps to prevent the possibility of smell become overpowering.

Is Polo Black The Best Cologne for Men?

Polo Black cologne is still classy and fashionable since it has launched in the market. It is manufactured for all ages men who like sweet, woosy, and fruity fragrances.

But it is more famous to the younger men because they like to apply cologne which provides freshness as well as a classy aroma without overpowering.

This cologne is more casual than polo blue so any man can have it and wear it successfully.

Where Would You Wear Polo Black?

As we mentioned earlier, the polo black is a casual cologne so it has lots of benefits. Without thinking twice you can wear it anywhere and any time and enhance your impression.

It is casual enough for an official meeting, outings, a lunch date with the special one, regular wear, and also for the gym.

Sandalwood and sage have tempered the mango and other citrus notes so that it will not be overwhelming to other people.

How Long Polo Black Cologne Will Last?

Everyone likes cologne which keeps them fresh for a long time with aroma. But when it comes to Polo Black cologne, it has an average longevity rate.

It will not last more than about six hours. At this time it blooms fragrance and after that, it will fade away.

Which Cologne Is The Best For Summer Polo Blue vs Polo Black?

If we consider Polo Blue and Polo Black, then both are suitable for the summer season. But most people prefer Polo blue for the summer and spring. Because it is a lighter, fresh and aromatic perfume and it is more durable than the polo black cologne.

On the other hand, the Polo Black men cologne smell is dark, sweet, and fruity. For the day events, casual or formal meetings, and outings it is the best cologne.

But it is not as durable as Polo Blue. So according to the durability of fragrance Polo Blue cologne is the best choice for the summer.

Where Can You Buy Polo Blue and Polo Black?

If you are determined to purchase your favorite cologne Polo Black or Polo Blue then don’t have to bother so much. Because you will get this cologne easily at a super departmental store, beauty store, and different types of fragrance store.

Not only that, get your product by sitting at your home by online order. Polo Black and Polo Blue are also available on eBay and Amazon as well.

Polo Black vs Polo Double Black Comparison

Polo Black is one of the most demanding cologne of Ralph Lauren which was introduced in the market in 2005. After its success, Ralph Lauren brought a new version of Polo Black series namely Polo Double Black in 2006. This is also well received by the users for its unique fragrance.

• Is Polo Black and Polo Double Black Smell Similar?

The first feeling of opening Polo Black and Polo Double Black is sort of similar to mango. But both cologne provide a distinct fragrance to each other. As you read above in the article Polo black provides dried fruit, woodsy smell. Finally, you will get a sweet sandalwood fragrance.

On the other hand, Polo Double Black also contains mango and citrus notes that appear in the beginning but it will provide a smooth blend of coffee and paper smell in the end.

Because of tonka bean, paper and coffee it creates mesmerizing fragrance and that makes it a trending cologne.

• Longevity Comparison of Polo Black and Polo Double Black

Fragrance wise Polo Double Black overlays on Polo Black. But when it comes to longevity then Polo Black is more sustainable than Polo Double Black.

Because it stays on the skin only for four or five hours where Polo Black keeps you fragrant and fresh for seven to eight hours. In this regard Polo Double Black is disappointing.

• Versatility Comparison of Polo Black and Polo Double Black

As we all come to know that both cologne is classy and perfect for casual wear. For the winter season, Polo Double Black is highly recommended instead of Polo Black.

But Polo Black is known as a year-round cologne. For any formal or informal meeting, regular use, outing you can confidently wear it. For the summer this will be the best choice.

Polo Blue Vs Polo Deep Blue Vs Polo Ultra Blue

Ralph Lauren released Polo Blue in 2003 after its success they have introduced different types of Polo Blue over the years. In 2018 they have launched Polo Ultra Blue.

After that in 2020, Polo Deep Blue was also released in the market. Three of these are different from each other based on smell, durability, versatility, and packaging.

The first impression of opening Polo Blue is cucumber and melon that provides cool, fresh, and crisp fragrance. Polo Deep Blue offers a bit of similarity between Polo Black and Polo Blue. Because it contains a Mango note so that after opening it you will get the fruity smell.

This cologne has a citrus and aquatic profile so that it confers a deep ocean salty aquatic smell. On the other hand, Polo Ultra Blue offers an aquatic lemon and salty aroma.

These three cologne comes with light fragrant none of these are overbearing. But Polo Deep Blue may start with a stronger fragrance than others. Over time the smell of it becomes moderate. In this regard, Polo Ultra Blue is noticeably weaker than Polo Blue and Deep Blue.

In durability comparison, Polo Blue offers higher longevity than the rest of the two. It keeps you fresh with the sweet smell for nine to ten hours where Polo Deep Blue offers seven to eight hours of longevity.

And Polo Ultra Blue provides five to six hours of longevity. Considering others Polo Ultra Blue is a bit disappointing.

Polo Blue is a more versatile cologne than Polo Deep Blue and Polo Ultra Blue. Over the years you can use this cologne. These three cologne are perfect for casual wear instead of formal wear.

These are mostly recommended for warm summer seasons because these help to feel fresh and aromatic.

For your convenience we have given a clear comparison chart between Polo Blue vs Polo Deep Blue vs Polo Ultra Blue in the following:

Subject MatterPolo BluePolo Deep BluePolo Ultra Blue
ScentMelon, cucumber and crisp smellDeep Ocean smell, salty with mango noteLemon, salty and ocean breeze smell
ProjectionCool and not so strong in beginningStronger in beginningModerate in the beginning
LongevitySmell lasts for 9/10 hours. (Satisfying)Smell lasts for 7/8 hours. (Moderate)Smell lasts for 5/6 hours. (Disappointing)
Versatility of useIt can be used over the years. Like casual, formal meetings, regular use, outing etc. this cologne is perfect. Recommended for summer and spring rather than winterThis is for warmer weather. For casual meetings, outings, parties etc. it is mainly used.It is used for summer and spring seasons. For everyday wear, office wear, outing etc. this cologne is suitable.
PricePolo Blue Eau de Cologne Price$128.00Price from $85 to$105Price from $53 to $70


Often people asked some common questions. These are given below and we have tried to solve all your queries.

Is Polo Blue Good for Day Use?

Yes, Polo Blue cologne is good for day use. To keep yourself fresh and fragrant all day long you can choose this cologne.

What Does Polo Black Smell like?

By opening the Polo Black for the first time your impression will smell like mango. After that, it smells of a fruity, fresh, woodsy tropical fragrance.

Is Polo black unisex?

There is variety in Polo Black. One is Polo Black cologne for men 4.2 Ounce EDT Spray and another is Polo Black EDT Spray 2.5 oz Unisex Fragrance.

Is Polo Black long-lasting?

The longevity rate of Polo Black cologne for men is moderate. It will keep you fragrant for about six hours.

Wrapping Up

The fragrance is a component that helps to enrich our overall attire and make you noticeable in the crowd. I hope you have gained all the information and differences that you wanted to know about Polo Blue vs Polo Black through this context. As I mentioned above in the article, both cologne is the best and most desirable to all men.

Both cologne has an amazing scent so who like woos, the fruity and strong smell they a choose polo black and who like the lighter and aquatic smell they can go for polo blue one. Polo Black and Polo Blue are not overwhelming so both are worthy for you.

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