Top 7 Best Avon Men’s Cologne

As a fragrance lover, most likely you are familiar with the name “Avon”. Avon has already secured its position as the premier brand for perfumes and fragrances, especially for making a bunch of different inexpensive fragrances. But the good thing is, the smell and quality are much more expensive than its price.

In this article, you will find some of them which have the typical DNA of the expensive ones and most of the cologne you will get under 30 bucks. So, let’s have a look at the best Avon Men’s Cologne!

Check out our top picks:

Product Image Product Name Details   Ratings [1-10] Price
Wild Country by Avon for Men Cologne Spray Wild Country Aromatic Fougere fragrance.

Safe enough for office and casual purposes.
9.4 Check Price
Avon Mesmerize For Men Cologne Spray Avon Mesmerize Excellent quality.

Decent longevity.
9.2 Check Price
AVON Mesmerize Black Eau de Toilette Natural Spray AVON Mesmerize Black Fantastic cheapie.

9.2 Check Price
Avon Black Suede for Men Eau De Toilette Spray Avon Black Suede Teenagers’ fragrance.

Excellent sillage.
9.4 Check Price
Avon True Gent Avon True Gent Year rounder.

Super long-lasting.
9.6 Check Price
Avon Soft Musk Classics Collection Cologne Spray Avon Soft Musk Musky herbal scent.

Potent smells.
9.2 Check Price
Perceive by Avon Cologne Spray Perceive Classy everyday scent.

Unique smell.
9.2 Check Price

7 Best Avon Men’s Cologne

In this section, I will provide a comprehensive review of the Best Avon Men’s Cologne, covering each fragrance in detail. This will allow you to gain a thorough understanding of the scent profile and overall quality of each product.

1 – Wild Country

Wild Country by Avon for Men Cologne Spray


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon Wild Country cologne spray is for anybody above the age of 30 would probably appreciate this more, especially if you like barbershop Fougere fragrances.
  • Weather: This warm spicy musky fragrance works well in Fall but Winter is ok too.
  • Longevity: Just with the two sprays it serves about six hours.
  • Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Coriander, Anise, Lavender, and Basil are in the opening; Heliotrope, Cedar, Sandalwood, Carnation, and Geranium are in the middle; base notes are Oakmoss, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk, and Amber.
  • Sillage: Arm’s length sillage through the first 2 hours and a half hours.

The good thing about this barbershop Fougere cologne is its price. It can be a nice pickup under $20 which is safe enough for the office and casual purposes.

And in comparison to Pinund Clubman and Canoe, a stronger musk base is implicit to the wild country. Side by side, it’s a very clean, fresh, musky, powdery fragrance that works well in almost any situation.

#2 – Avon Mesmerize

Avon Mesmerize For Men Cologne Spray


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon Mesmerize For Men cologne is for the late teens to adults, someone in high school, college about nineteen to twenty-one.
  • Weather: This sweet aromatic cologne is great for Winter and Fall.
  • Longevity: Only for two sprays it provides about 8 hours of solid longevity.
  • Notes: Top notes are Apple, Mandarin Orange, and Bergamot; and middle notes are Myrrh, Exotic Spices, and Herbal Notes; base notes are Amber and Woodsy Notes.
  • Sillage: In the beginning, the sillage is strong enough to get noticed.

Avon Mesmerize is a youthful fragrance that may take you back to the memories of your high school. It has warm spicy amber which is identical to the Celvin Kelin Obsession, but it is less sweet than Obsession.

And the price plays a key role. You will get this just for $20.33 on amazon but the smell it delivers is more expensive than its price. Overall, it’s a fantastic quality vs price combo.

#3 – AVON Mesmerize Black


  • Who is perfect for this product: AVON Mesmerize Black EDT is for young professionals.
  • Weather: This woody spicy perfume is definite for the cooler months.
  • Longevity: This best-selling Avon men’s cologne lasts close to 8 hours.
  • Notes: The notes are Tonka Bean, Lemon, Pink Pepper, Mint, Violet Leaf, Nutmeg, Leather, cedar, and Sandalwood.
  • Sillage: Sillage is moderate to strong.

Description: You may have heard the name 1 Million of Paco Rabanne, the gold bar bottle. This AVON Mesmerize Black smells kind of similar with the same scent personality of 1 Million but it has a little bit of dark chocolate and more versatility.

And it’s much better so far because of the price line, you can buy 100 ml just for 19.99 dollars, and the quality and the performance are so good as well.

#4 – Avon Black Suede for Men


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon Black Suede Cologne is a leather fragrance which is also fresh but it’s more for teenagers.
  • Weather: This can be worn almost any season but Spring, Winter, and Fall are the best of them.
  • Longevity: It remains around 7 to 8 and even more hours for spraying on skin.
  • Notes: The note are Amber, Musk, Oakmoss, Woody Notes, Cloves, and Nutmeg.
  • Sillage: Sillage is good enough for the first couple of hours.

Description: For the guys who are 14 to 20, this Avon’s fresh perfume is more for you. It has a similar vibe to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather but it’s a combination of smoky leather with the bubble gum effect. The performance and price are also good.

#5 – Avon True Gent


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon True Gent is for the little bit matured guys.
  • Weather: This sweet fresh spicy fragrance is perfect for almost any season.
  • Longevity: You get about 8 to 10 or even more hours of super longevity from True Gent.
  • Notes: The notes are Bay Leaf, Vanilla, and Tobacco.
  • Sillage: Sillage is good for the first hour.

Description: True Gent is a fantastic release from Avon which is an everyday wearable scent. In comparison to the Wild Country, it is not too sweet, it smells very par with a high-end fragrance.

The other thing is it’s super long-lasting. If you use it in the morning after a shower then it still smells on you the next morning. It’s a sweeter, creamer, more comforting type of scent.

#7 – Avon Soft Musk Classics


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon Soft Musk cologne is for the guys who are a little bit younger.
  • Weather: This white floral perfume is perfect for the Fall season.
  • Longevity: It’s a very potent smelling cologne that lasts about 9 to 10 hours
  • Notes: The notes are Musk, Rose, Spices, Vanilla, and Jasmine.
  • Sillage: Soft Musk left a nice scent trail, in a word it’s enormous.

Description: If you own any Chloe perfumes, the smell of Avon’s soft musk may remind you of the Chloe perfumes but this one is a little bit softer but the herbal ylang ylang is very strong in this one. If you really like musky herbal scents that would definitely be recommended.

#8 – Perceive by Avon Cologne Spray


  • Who is perfect for this product: Avon Perceive is such a clean, and soft fragrance which is perfect for teenagers, and late teens.
  • Weather: This fruity aquatic perfume is a year rounder but best in Spring.
  • Longevity: You will get about 6 hours of solid longevity from Perceive.
  • Notes: White Pepper and Yellow Freesia are in the beginning; Damask Plum, Carnation, Pear, and Ylang-Ylang are in the middle; Vanilla orchid, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Musk are in the base.
  • Sillage: One hour and a half of good sillage.

Description: Isn’t it good if the cologne gives you something accomplished, professional, and polished during your work?

The Perceive is such a classic scent of Avon which is strong enough to do this. The smell of this 19.47 dollar cologne is lovely, unique, and expensive too.

FAQ’s About Avon Men’s Cologne

What is the best Avon cologne for men?

Mesmerize is the best Avon cologne for men.

What is the most popular Avon perfume?

Far Away is one of the most popular perfumes of Avon.

What does Avon man smell like?

Avon man smells woody, fresh spicy, aromatic, and earthy as well.

So, Which Avon Fragrances Should You Pick?

The good thing about Avon perfume is, you don’t think too much about the price because almost every cologne is a fantastic cheapie. Well, if you are a fan of powdery lavender scents and you like the way a barbershop smells, give the Wild Country a try.

This clean, fresh, musky, powdery office fragrance might actually be an awesome pickup under $20. But if you want decent performance with an expensive smell, AVON Mesmerize Black is for you.

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