Guide To Perfume Bottle Sizes: Ounces & Milliliters

Many online shoppers ask about the bottle sizes when someone asks them for an order. In general, perfume sizes come in three measurements. These are- Oz, FL, and Ml. This can be confusing because you may get annoyed about which one is better to prioritize among them.

Again, some perfumes do not last for years for those who want to purchase a big bottle. No matter how many bottles you’re purchasing, it relies on the perfume’s bottle sizes.

So we decided to create a handy list of the most common perfume bottle sizes and equivalent metering. These characteristics are also the same for cologne.

Exact Bottle Sizes Of Perfumes (By ounces & Milliliters)

perfume bottle sizes

You may find the bottle sizes on the packaging or the labels. The true color, essence, texture are also included there. Below we attached some examples of the perfume bottle sizes that are very common.

Standard Bottle Sizes

  • 0.05 Fl, 0.05 FL. OZ. / 1.5 mL
  • 0.17 FL. OZ. / 5 mL
  • 0.5 FL. OZ. / 15 mL
  • 0.8 FL. OZ. / 25 mL
  • 1 FL. OZ. / 30 mL
  • 1.4 FL. OZ. / 40 mL
  • 1.7 FL. OZ. / 50 mL
  • 2 FL. OZ. / 60 mL
  • 2.5 FL. OZ. / 75 mL
  • 2.7 FL. OZ. / 80 mL
  • 3 FL. OZ. / 90 mL
  • 3.4 FL. OZ. / 100 mL
  • 4.2 FL. OZ. / 125 mL

Dissimilarities Between U.K. Fluid Ounce & U.S. Fluid Ounce

Some perfume bottles included U.S. Fl. Oz. On the other hand, you will find that the F.L. O.Z. is referred to. There is very little difference lay behind these two. Here are the main sequences by which you can compare the two.

Perfume packages, 3.4 U.S. FL. OZ. refers to 100.55 ml. On the other hand, 3.4 U.K. FL. OZ. refers to 96.60 ml.

Then you may wonder what’s the meaning of U.S. vs. U.K. Fluid Ounce?

Well, some perfume specifically requires U.S. FL. Oz. Whereas other brands simply indicate the Fl.oz, it is safe to define the U.S. measurement as the ecliptic.

Spray Bottle Sizes In Chart

Spray Bottle Sizes In Chart

The Perfume bottle comes in different sizes and scents. People wore them according to their needs and choices. Below are the basic sizes of them that may vary over time. But it relied on the manufacturer choices and users’ demands.

Ounces(OZ) Milliliters(’M. L)Number Spray (amounts)
0.05 Fl. Oz1.5 Ml15
0.17 Fl. Oz5 Ml50
0.5 Fl. Oz15 Ml150
0.8 Fl. Oz25 Ml250
1 Fl. Oz30 Ml300
1.4 Fl. Oz40 Ml400
1.7 Fl. Oz50 Ml500
2 Fl. Oz75 Ml750
2.5 Fl. Oz80 Ml800
3.4 Fl. Oz90 Ml900
3 Fl. Oz100 Ml1000
4.2 Fl. Oz125 Ml1250
6.2 Fl. Oz200 Ml2000

Tips For Buy The Right Size Perfume For You

When you’re going to buy any perfume, the first and foremost thing you think of in your mind is which right size I should buy? Is it worth it for me? Anyway, things like this are very common that come to your mind. So let us have discussed some criteria on this topic.

Blindly buy the 30 ml or one fl. O.Z.

If you’re a novice at buying any perfumes, then you should avoid purchasing any larger amounts. Buying any perfume with a bigger size is stupidity, we thought. Because somehow, if the scents aren’t eligible to you, all the money you’ve spent is just wasted.

This norm is also true for the scents that you buy for special occasions or any specific purposes.

Check The Scents For Hours Before Buying

Maybe it sounds too awkward to you. But believe me, it’s the only strategy by which you can fix the right one. As we all know, perfumes come individually with different notes. When the basic notes disappear, the heart notes become the scents.

So, if we wear them for a long time, it becomes easy to justify whether they’re suitable for the nose or not.

Don’t spray several scents on your skin at a time. Otherwise, there is a big chance to mingle those scents altogether. For this reason, you may lose the chance to recognize which will be best suited to you.

Give Prior The Regular Scents & Buy The Big

Do you always like to buy the same fragrance all the time? Then It’s pretty safe to buy the biggest one. Despite wasting money on unknown scents, it’s better to pay for the things that you’re already in.

Spending a big budget on your regular wear assumes the fact with more clarity. Buying the known fragments often helps you to buy any products blindly. It is a fact where you can, prior to the bigger size, around 3.1 ml or above at a reasonable price.

Moreover, per milliliter, it comes out much cheaper. Again, you can store them in a cool place and out of the sunlight. The bottle will last more than a year, especially the spray bottles.

Determine The Travel Size That Fit On Your Bag

Perfume is the regular wear that we love to carry with us. Women love to carry a beautiful perfume pouch on their vanity bags like a water bottle and makeup. Suppose you’re looking to buy a regular perfume that is easy to carry.

Then you must have chosen a channel and Yves Saint Laurent that offers an average size of up to 3×15 ml travel sets.

We think carrying a bigger size of scents on your travels isn’t a wise decision. Try to buy any full-size bottle for your dresser. And the travel suit perfume shouldn’t be more than 15ml.


What Are The Differences Between Perfumes, EAU de toilette, and cologne?

In a simple word, perfumes are a concentrated scent that is oiler than other fragments. It can last up to 24 hours and consists of 20-30% pure essence.

On the other hand, Eau de toilette has a scent of 5-15% pure essence. Cologne is quite similar to the toilette; it consists of 2-4% perfume with oil and water.

What Size Perfume Bottle Is Worthy To Buy?

According to the TSA regulations, a user should buy 3.4 FL. O.Z. or a 100 ml bottle of scents. They also restricted the sizes for the perfume and cologne.

The perfume should be bagged in a clear plastic bag in the luggage. It should be clear enough to avoid leakage. The liquor should not be more than 1-quart when you put them in a plastic bag as well as in your purse.

When Does Perfume Go Worst?

Perfumes are going to be worse or bad for many reasons. Usually, a perfume will last 3-5 years. But they can go even longer if you store them righteously.

Store them in a cool place. You can collect the perfume in the refrigerator if you’re living in warm weather. Ensure the stopper is on all the time. It will further help to control the evaporation.

Bottom Line

Buying any perfumes is good to purchase, but it isn’t easy to find accurate sizes. If you live in North America, then most of the perfumes are implied on U.S. measurement.

We wouldn’t recommend you to buy several fragments at a time. It’s good to test out different fragments in the store. And determine which perfume bottle sizes are adequate to meet up your demands.

Later, it depends on your needs and how often you wear the perfumes. We’ll never tell you to rely on our advice. If you find any bottle of 100% juice with a 20% discount, then yeah, you must have bought this.

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