Can You Use Fragrance Oils In A Diffuser?

Fragrance oils are lab-manufactured oils that are made for aromatic scents. Fragrance oils are also termed aromatic oil, flavor oil, burning oil, or perfume oil. Fragrance oils are more sustainable as no plants are being cut for making these. They are used in a wide array of works including craft projects, perfumes, home scenting-related activities. In this article, we will discuss the use of fragrance oil in a diffuser.

Can you use fragrance oils in a diffuser?

Yes, fragrance oils can be used in a diffuser. However, it is important to note that not all fragrance oils are suitable for use in a diffuser, and it is recommended to use fragrance oils specifically designed for use in diffusers. Additionally, it is important to follow the instructions provided with your diffuser to ensure safe and effective use.
Can you use fragrance oils in a diffuser

Fragrance oil or Essential Oil in Diffuser

Fragrance oil or Essential Oil in Diffuser

Both fragrance oil along essential oil can be used in a diffuser. Fragrance oil can be used in a diffuser instead of essential oils. The fragrance oils are synthetic and artificial scents that are manufactured in labs. There is the use of chemicals in them. On the other hand, essential oils are made from purely natural ingredients.
Since there are chemical ingredients in the fragrance oils, they tend to clog the diffuser. However, this is not a big problem. It can be cleaned later. People are leaning towards fragrance oils because they are less expensive than essential oils. Essential oils do cost a lot since they are made from natural ingredients.

How to use fragrance oil in a diffuser to make a better feeling?

Setting your diffuser is quite an easy task. We have mentioned step by step how to use the fragrance oil in the diffuser.

  1. Set up
    First, you need to set up. Place your diffuser closer to a wall. It’s better if you put it on a side table.
  2. Fill up with water
    The diffuser needs filling up from time to time as the mist requires water. Fill up the diffuser. The diffuser will have a mark so you know when to stop filling. Filtered water is always recommended.
  3. Add the fragrance oil
    Now put the oils in the diffuser. Take the kids off them. You can add as much or as little as you require. Add between 3-15 drops of oil. You are free to experiment to get your taste.
  4. Set up
    Modern diffusers cater to several preferences. Find your ideal and preferred setting by experiments. Then it’s all smooth sailing from there.

Can we use fragrance oil in an ultrasonic diffuser?

Ultrasonic diffuser uses great technology because we all know it no easy job to mix oil and water. There are a few steps involved in it. The best thing about the ultrasonic diffusers is that they don’t make any kind of noise.

STEP 1: The outside part of the diffuser keeps all the things in itself. They create a way to let the mist out.

STEP 2: Inside the diffuser, there is a reservoir that keeps the oil, water within the machine. There is an ultrasonic membrane just below the reservoir. There is a waterproof room underneath the membrane that holds a fan. This fan pushes the mist to the top.

STEP 3: The membrane starts to vibrate. The high vibration causes the water and oil to form microdroplets. These droplets are lighter than the air.

STEP 4: The oil and water do not mix. So, only the water transforms into droplets. The vibration is disrupted coming to the oil. The water forms around the oil droplets. Then the oil is carried in this form to the top.

STEP 5: These droplets move around your house spreading the lovely fragrance. They settle themselves on different surfaces of the house. You will see that you need to clear the surfaces in the diffuser as the droplets form there. You will notice it in the still air.

What is the best fragrance oils for diffusers

There are many great fragrance oils in the market today. They all give different scents. You can choose based on your preference. We have listed some of the best fragrance oils for diffusers. They have made a list of their extraordinary smell and features.

1- Barnhouse Blue Premium Fragrance Oil

Rated as Amazon’s choice, this fragrance oil will be perfect for your diffuser. This is made for people who have a fine taste in aromas. It is actually considered ideal for diffusers. It is made from natural ingredients.


  • Euro style dropper
  • Safe for skin

2 – Orange Patchouli Fragrance Oil

Orange Patchouli Fragrance Oil

The fragrance oil is made from orange and patchouli which you probably got from the name. The base is fruity. The oil presents a raw scent with its natural ingredients. The oil is tried and tested and it is perfect for skin use. You can use it for making homemade soaps or scents. Definitely a great oil for your diffuser. Your whole house will smell fruity.


  • Safe to use in skin
  • Contains 2% vanillin
  • 100% diluted

3 – Woodshed Set of 6 Premium grade fragrance Oil

Woodshed Set of 6 Premium grade fragrance Oil

The set contains 6 kinds of fragrance oil. The oil gives out a woody aroma. This would a great scent for your home if you are into natural things. The scent from the diffuser will definitely brighten your mood. this aromatic scent provides a calm surrounding.


  • Offers aesthetic glass Amber bottles
  • Euro droppers available

4 – Gentlemen’s Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils

Gentlemen's Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils

Comprise of six unique oils, this gentlemen’s set is truly an amazing collection. It features popular men’s fragrances like Cedar, Leather, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Sweet Tobacco, Teakwood. These scents will be great for your diffuser. They also offer a gift box.


  • Certified by the IFRA.
  • Highly concentrated

5 – THY COLLECTIBLES Fragrance Oil


A set of 24 different aromatic oils gives out 12 aromas. The aromas are – Sandalwood, Violet, Lavender, Ocean, Lily, Strawberry, Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, Lemon, Green Tea, Osmanthus. These will fill your home with all the beauties of nature. Get this set for your diffuser. Let your home smell like nature.


  • Provides better sillage
  • 100% nature-friendly

Final Words

Diffusers are a great way to have your home smell lovely and fresh all day. With so many types of fragrance oils out there, you can find anything you want. Your house can smell like any of the things you are into. Or it can smell like your favorite perfume.

We tried to mention some of the best fragrance oils for your diffusers. Do go through the list. The list is taken from reviews, best features, and obviously smell. We hope the article has been helpful for you.

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