What Cologne Does Drake Wear?

Fans and followers are always concerned about the lifestyles of their favorite celebrities. They love to know which style, dress, perfumes, are used by their well-favoured person and then try to execute those things in their own life.

Aubrey Drake Graham is a popular Canadian Rapper, Song writer, Singer and Entrepreneur and also known for his TV Series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. He has a huge fan base and most of his followers are interested in his lifestyle.

A major portion of his fans intend to know: What Cologne Does Drake Wear? Well, Drake Usually Wears 3 Different Cologne, Drakkar Noir, Clive Christian Cologne and Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.

Besides, a thread of scented candles has been released recently in 2020 by him which smells just like him. Read the rest of the Article below to get the details about the different Cologne as we mentioned above worn by Drake.

A Short Biography of Aubrey Drake

Aubrey Drake

Before going to the broad description on What Cologne Does Drake Wear, it would be better to know his life and success story, right? Well, he was born in Toronto, Canada to Biracial parents who divorced when he was 5 years old.

Drake’s mother is Canadian and her religious belief is Jewish. On the contrary, Dennis, his father, is an African-American whose religious belief is Catholic.

There was always a clash between his father & mother due to different lifestyles, morals, and religious faith that created a confusion in Drake during his childhood.

He has grown up in a poor climate and witnessed several inferior things in his early life that he has described in an interview.

However, at the age of 14 he played a role in Degrassi and after that he turned into the music industry and got huge success.

Three Different Cologne That Drake Wear

We have already mentioned What Cologne Drake Wear in the Introduction Part. In this segment, we’ll talk about the history of those 3 different perfumes and why Drake wears them will be demonstrated here.

  • Clive Christian and Drake
Clive Christian and Drake

There are perfumes, luxury perfumes and then comes Clive Christian which is considered one of the most expensive perfumes around the world that are used by most of the well-known celebrities.

The Crown Perfumery was the first name of its that was established during the role of Queen Victoria in 1872.

After a thousand year in 1992, Clive Christian a British Designer owned The Crown Perfumery and committed to rejuvenating the brand to its old glory.

We can say, his mission has been accomplished & Clive Christian Cologne are widely known as the most costly perfumes that can reach up to $800 or more.

Clive Christian holds 80 different perfumes with individual smells but we don’t think Drake wears their all signature fragrances. As far as we know, C Woody Leather is usually worn by Drake. It is a combination of Woody and Leather with notes that are related to the Carby Musk Candle.

  • Drakkar Noir
Drakkar Noir

It is another prominent fragrance brand that is specially a men’s fragrance by a French fashion designer Guy Laroche, and Perfumer Pierre Wargnye created it.

Drakkar Noir was first inaugurated in 1982, under the L’Oreal Group it has been manufactured. This is an award winning fragrance that won the FiFi Award in the category of “Most Successful Men’s Fragrance”.

Now come to the story of how Drake has been connected to the Drakkar Noir. Once he mentioned in one of his Interviews that, “When He Was a Child, His Father Wore the Noir Cologne and For That Reason, We Wear the Same Brand”.

The interesting fact is, in 2017 Drake tattooed the bottle of Drakkar Noir on his body that made it clear how much he loves it. There are several things used to make it including bergamot, mint, lemon, rosemary, basil, lavender, lemon verbena, and artemisia.

Few things are utilized on it as head notes as well like cinnamon, wormwood, jasmine, carnation, juniper, and angelica.

  • Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather
Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather

American Filmmaker & Fashion Designer Tom Ford is the owner of Tom Ford Brand that launched in approximately 2006. This brand is popular for clothing that has designed many males celebrities’ clothes.

Tom Ford is popular in the same industry producing different types of fragrances as well that are used by many celebrities. The price range of the fragrance starts from $100 for each bottle to $1000.

Tom Ford manufactures perfumes for both men and women and it is specified as a leather perfume too. As stated by Tom Ford’s official website, “Tuscan Leather Is a Primal Creation That Is Encouraged by Tom Ford’s Love of Fine Leather”

Now come to the Head Notes of the fragrance. Thyme, Saffron, and raspberry has been used on it as top notes. On the other hand, as middle notes olibanum, jasmin, and leather, amber ,woody and suedu have been included as base notes; that’s something Drake would wear.

Question may emerge in your subconscious mind now : How have we found out that Drake uses the fragrance? Well, in 2013, he released a song titled “Tuscan Leather” in which was a line like “Yeah, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Smelling Like a Brick”.

Candle Collection of Drake [Recently Has Been Announced]

Apart from using the above cologne, in 2020 he announced that he is going to launch a line of candles in his company named “Batter World Fragrance House ”. Drake also mentioned that 5 respective candle scents will be released from this newest venture.

Fragrance was one from the 5 respective candle scents that is made on what Drake intended to smell and this candle’s name is Carby Musk.

The Top Notes of the fragrance are amber, cashmere, suede and velvet. If you intend to know more about Carby Musk, you can check out the YouTube Review on it.

Wrapping Up

So, it was all about What Cologne Does Drake Wear. We have tried our best to provide accurate information.

Here 3 different cologne names have been mentioned that actually Drake himself said on his multiple interviews, and songs.

If you are a die-hard fan of his, and were supposed to know about his fragrances, we hope this context will be helpful for you.

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