What Is A Cologne Tester?

Testers are basically samples that are placed in a perfume store. These testers help customers choose their fragrance. If they like the sample they go on to buy the fragrance. Testers are quite important for perfume shoppers since it helps them make a choice after loving the fragrance. In this article, we will talk about these unsung heroes of the perfume world. Apologies for being a little overboard.

What is a Cologne Tester?

What is a cologne tester

A Cologne tester is a small bottle kept in stores for demonstration. The bottle is no different than the normal one. It’s just used for testing purposes. Most of these tester bottles do not have a cap. They allow the shoppers to try the fragrance and make sure it is right now.

They spray the scent on their wrist or in the air to see if they like the scent. There are tester cards. Customers spray the cologne in the cards. Some customers might have some allergic reactions to certain products. For them, it is better to spray in the cards. 

What is the difference between a tester and a simpler?

Simpler are basically miniature versions of perfume samples. The perfume liquid is filled in small vials and sent to various stores for testing purposes.

  • The difference between tester and sampler is that the tester resembles the original perfume bottles and comes in larger vials whereas simpler comes in smaller ones. The sampler contains about 1.2 ml of liquid.
  • Another notable factor to mention is that the samplers are never sold. Their sole purpose is advertisement of the perfume. The testers are many times sold.

The purpose of both of them is the same – For testing samples and getting an essence of the perfume. There is a difference in size, concentration and appearance.

What is the difference between a tester and an original perfume?

What is the difference between a tester and an original perfume?

There is really not a grave difference between a tester and the original perfume. They are the same bottles. The only difference between the tester and the original bottles is that the original ones are sealed. The tester bottles are not. The tester bottles are opened and kept for the customers to try. There are tester cards and other necessary accessories in there with the tester bottles. 

The tester perfumes are usually smaller in size. Some manufacturers make them separately so these are made smaller. They are sent to different retailers like samples. These tester perfumes remain in various stores or get sold. 

Why are tester perfumes stronger than original ones?

Why are tester perfumes stronger than original ones

There are some people who claim that the tester perfumes are more strong  and concentrated than the original ones. These claims are made by fragrance retailers. There is some explanation behind this. Many high-end perfume manufacturers create their testers in Parfum concentration. In this regard, the tester becomes of more density than the original ones. 

Another reason is the radiation. Most of the perfume stores have bright lights all around. The testers sit under these bright lights for months. The liquid in the bottle gets altered. Light has the potential to effectuate changes in the scent. 

There is also a case for maturation of the perfumes. The perfume changes in bottles. You will see the difference in your half-empty perfume bottle. You can also find the difference when you go to buy the same one.

Should I buy a tester?

Should I buy a tester?

Yes, you can and should buy a tester. One of the common confusion about tester perfumes is that if they are different. Tester perfumes are actually the similar to the original perfume. The only difference is that they are opened and kept for customers as samples to try or their size. Let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of buying tester perfumes. 


  • The tester perfumes come at a much price. Many branded perfumes cost a lot. Sometimes it’’ just not possible to go overboard on a perfume. But we all want those luxury fragrance bottles. Tester perfumes are the perfect solution to those. 
  • The tester perfumes can be taken anywhere as they are smaller in size. The liquid inside is actually the same. You can keep it in your bag or small purse. 


  • The testers do not come with luxury packaging like the original ones. 
  • The tester perfumes run out fast due to their smaller size.

How to know if perfume tester is original

There are a few fake perfumes in the market today. If you are not an expert, it is very easy to get duped. Fake testers are quite harmful as they can be expired or hazardous. We can get infected or a serious allergy from these fake tester. To identify the fake tester you can try these things –

Price Value

The testers are basically perfumes. They are kept at the shops for their customers to try. These testers go on to sell themselves later. They are sold at less price than the original perfumes since they are opened and used. However, the price wouldn’t vary much since they are original perfumes too. Fake testers go on to sell at the range of rejected perfumes. The seller of these fake tester perfumes goes on as low as possible since they are expired and rejected products. This is one way you can identify the fake ones. 


The manufacturers are quite adept at packaging these fake testers. However, there is one thing these manufacturers cannot copy. This is the batch number. Make sure to check the batch number at the bottom of the package. 


How much effort they put into the bottle and packaging, in the end, it’s just the fake one. So, there are a lot of flaws. The original bottle will always be shiny and sparkly. The fake one will be blurry. The original bottle is straight and firm while the fake one is bent. 


The tester bottles are not separately made. They are taken from the existing bottles. Some of the fake ones have the word tester printed on them. The manufacturers are not often the expert in perfumes. They just work on copying and selling not knowing the simplest differences. This is actually the easiest identification to make. 


Check the bottom of the perfume bottle. Even though both the fake tester and the original one are made from the same material, there is a sparkling difference. The steel on the original tester bottle is glossy whereas in the fake one it is a matt surface.

Does tester last longer than original perfume?

The tester perfume durability is as much as the original perfume, since they are of the same concentration. The main factor behind this is the way the perfumes are stored and used both incase of original and tester perfumes. Sometimes the concentration of tester perfume intensifies because of the way they are kept in the stores with all the bright lights.

Where can I buy tester perfumes?

Tester perfumes are available in various perfume shops. Most of the high-end shops will not sell their tester perfumes. They are only for testing. However, many local shops sell these perfumes. Apart from the local shops, these perfume testers are also sold online. You can just google them and find a lot of local shops and pages which sell these testers. We have mentioned some pages for you below where you can find perfume testers. 

Beauty Encounter



Final Words

Perfume testers are no different than the original perfume. You can consider perfume testers as an advertising tool used by perfume manufacturers to promote and sell their products. In this article, we have covered a lot of aspects of perfume testers. We hope we all have a clear idea about cologne testers. We have tried to clear a lot of the confusion and doubts about these testers in this article. We hope you found the article helpful. 

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